Leverage the best way to market your medical technologies, devices and DME in 2021

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Advice & Tips

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In a highly competitive industry such as yours, it takes more than great design and a big budget to emerge as a sought-after leader. As your products become more complex, an integrated marketing strategy becomes a necessity. You must use the right channels to deliver well-crafted messaging to the right decision makers. Driving home your messaging requires ambitious reach and frequency. I’d like to share a success story and some advice with you. Working with our team can help you become a marketing superhero. 

In the early 1990s, neurologist Dan Cohen, MD asked our agency, Media Relations Agency, for help creating national demand for an ingenious new product: Breathe Right Nasal Strips. The publicity campaign required a lot of education as we first had to explain to reporters, then to consumers, why wearing a “bandage” on your nose would help you breathe better. You can read about our publicity campaign’s overwhelming success and get many valuable tips and strategies here, but if you’ve heard of Breathe Right, suffice it to say we excelled at our job. 

So much so that Dr. Cohen has trusted us again to promote his newest technology, SOLTEC Sleep Management System that was decades in development. There is quite literally nothing like it on the market. It doesn’t just monitor sleep. It uses low magnetic frequencies to actively improve sleep in a manner customized to the user. As proof of this concept’s ingenuity, SOLTEC’s Kickstarter campaign achieved its goal within its first eight minutes. Sleep is essential to good health. If you have trouble sleeping, you should check out SOLTEC-SMS

“I chose to work with Media Relations Agency again because I have no doubt they’ll work hard and be successful,” says Dr. Cohen. “They kept me very busy doing media interviews the first time around. They produce excellent copy, and have excellent media contacts and service. They know what they’re doing and are really nice to work with.”   

Tap into our talent and expertise

Let Media Relations Agency help make your product famous! Publicity will give your product even more credibility than self-promoting because it is third parties saying your story is important to share with their audiences. 

We specialize in marketing products including (but not limited to) laser therapies, hearing technologies, contact lenses, durable medical equipment, and numerous other medical and wellness technologies. 

We pioneered Pay Per Interview® performance-based PR. We’ve spent more than 30 years perfecting our ability to help our clients teach audiences why they should buy our clients’ products. We have writers, publicists and marketing strategists who are extremely familiar with the health and medical fields. 

You are driven to excel and so are we! To explore how we can work together and draw the right attention to your medical-related product, please call 952-697-5269 or, if it’s easier for you, just complete our quick online form.  

Written by Matt Hentges

Written by Matt Hentges

We can feel the energy go up a few notches when Matt is around! He immerses himself in a conversation, eager to learn all he can and genuinely curious to discover how he might be able to help. “My favorite part of my job is talking with new people and trying to find a connection or potential synergy,” he acknowledges. Matt keeps things light and fun, especially when discussing one of his favorite subjects: marketing. He enjoys his role in moving a project to the next stage, which is applying our Strategically Aimed Marketing process. “I’m like the little kid who asks “why?” over and over, and SAM 6 gives reasons to the “whys” in marketing.” As Matt channels his boundless energies into helping businesses make smarter use of marketing tools, he relishes being part of a team that capitalizes on each other’s strengths. “We have a wonderful business model that more than fills a unique niche within the publicity industry. We are truly marketing and publicity experts with many seasoned years behind our goal-driven agency.”


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