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Heather Champine
Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Media Relations Agency has helped clients strategically promote consumer products for more than 30 years. Partner and Chief Operating Officer Heather Champine works with clients to craft messages with strong emotional appeal. Heather’s insights and creativity enable clients to use Reach and Teach Product Promotion® to capture their target audience’s attention. Whether she’s promoting medical technology, lifestyle products for Healthy Choosers™ or the latest fashion trends, she understands consumers’ perspectives. Heather leads a team of publicists who secure national media exposure for our clients. She knows what it takes to gain media attention. She’ll help you send a message that truly resonates with your audience.


After more than 30 years’ of personal outreach through phone calls and digital platforms, our agency has compiled our own proprietary database of media contacts and other key influencers. When you work with us, you’re immediately connected to media contacts and details you simply cannot get anywhere else.

And when we arrange publicity for your product, you’ll pay by the story, not by the hour. We offer Pay Per Interview Publicity®; you always get publicity for your money. And lots of it. You’ll love the accountability of our performance-based pricing.

Our full-service hybrid agency specializes in integrating traditional media, digital media, social media and websites.

Our experienced team generates publicity and provides marketing support for:

  • New product launches
  • Franchise owners and franchisees
  • Major consumer brands and/or local distributors of those brands
  • Companies and organizations looking to expand into the U.S.
  • Contract manufacturers with unique or best-in-category technologies
  • Nonprofits and associations
  • Retailers (traditional and online)
  • Multi-level marketing organizations
  • An unlimited range of industries including:
  • Medical devices and durable medical equipment
  • Legislative initiatives that would benefit from media coverage
  • Technology products
  • Health, beauty and personal care products
  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Food and beverages
  • Home and garden products
  • Pet care products and practitioners
  • Film production
  • Fitness
  • Grocery suppliers

Is your company or product a good fit to work with Media Relations?

As a leading PR, branding and marketing firm, we have worked with hundreds of companies.

We want to talk with you if:

  • You want to build a brand, and need help telling your story through more influence channels such as publicity, social media, web properties, webinars and professional outreach
  • You need a marketing partner with an extensive media network
  • You want to elevate your ROI from publicity and web influence channels
  • Your product has national or international distribution
  • You need a partner with a deep understanding of how to use marketing for mass awareness
  • You have an innovative product that delivers on promise with a commitment to educating your market
  • You have a basic understanding of the role that publicity plays in building a brand

Sarah Nadal

Communications Manager, Shell Point Retirement Community

5 Stars

Shell Point

“It takes less than two minutes for Heather Champine to prove not only her high-caliber grasp of public relations best practices, but also the multi-faceted expertise that her well-trained team brings to developing compelling stories for their clients.”

Rhoda Olson

CEO, Great Clips

5 Stars

Great Clips

“I love seeing Great Clips’ stories pop up on the news all over the country … I also like media coverage because of its massive reach and its low-cost per impression. Dollar for dollar, it’s a really smart use of some of your marketing budget.”

Laurent Leduc

CEO, Frutarom

5 Stars


The Media Relations publicity team and web team worked together cohesively, taking the time to learn about our business and industry. Because of their extra efforts, the quality of their results was exceptional. These are capable, savvy and honorable people who played an indispensable role in our business plan.”

Kevin McCallum

Vice President, Marketing, 1-800 Contacts

5 Stars

1800 Contacts

“If you are serious about using PR as part of your marketing program, than I absolutely recommend working with Media Relations, Inc. This company simply offers a much better way to do PR because what you pay is based on the results you receive.”

Terry Derosier

President, Window World

5 Stars

Window World

“I have also been pleasantly surprised with the publicity mileage I’ve received for a modest investment. It’s a pleasure working with your company. Thank you for your diligent and impressive work!”

Dorothy Muffett

President, Baywood Home Care

5 Stars


“I have been extremely impressed with the total professionalism of everyone involved: Writers who can actually write. People who actually do what they say they will do. And best of all, publicists who get publicity!”

Experience Matters

For a free consultation with Heather

Call 952-697-5269

Working with Media Relations equips you with unique benefits:


Because we are a top performance-based marketing agency with an international client base and more than 30 years of experience, we are the sought-after solution among CEOs, CMOs, founders and brand managers, as well as marketing VPs and directors.


We consistently give reporters and producers relevant information that resonates with their audiences. Our clients’ stories are multi-dimensional.


Our clients’ messaging becomes even more powerful when its delivered in the media by someone on their team or a trusted associate. We will work with you to develop these strong Key Opinion Leaders.


We have worked with clients in hundreds of different industries, and everyone on our team brings extensive experience to each project. We understand the terminology and issues, whether the subject is FDA clearance for durable medical equipment, the right nutrients for skin care or new advancements in outpatient cancer treatment. We have the right connections. We know how to construct an entire promotional campaign, not just the individual components.


The work we did for Breathe Right® nasal strips illustrates why our agency’s unique approach to promoting products has become so popular with so many companies. What appeared to many as grassroots publicity for Breathe Right® was actually a carefully thought out and well-executed marketing strategy. We helped turn a virtually unknown product into an iconic national cash cow brand.

Our work with Great Clips also illustrates the power of publicity. Great Clips uses local media stories to make personal connections with audiences. Great Clips has used publicity to teach customers about new tools such as online check in. It has also leveraged media stories to show how its franchisees are involved in their communities.

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