Leave no stone unturned!!! Make the most of your PR efforts for your events.

It’s never too late to get PR for your events.  Getting creative and maximizing placements can really pay off.

Look for quick turn around. Radio or blogs are perfect resources for getting information out quickly.

Check back with TV stations too, for last minute openings you can fill.

Maximize interviews you already have in place by researching the reporter. Many reporters also write blogs and your interview can be a two for one.

With a few days before Girlfriend’s Expo & Getaway, I am scouring my media contacts for any last minute PR opportunities.

I came up with a perfect situation. I booked a segment with the leading morning show reporter for a Girlfriends Expo & Getaway presenter, professional organizer, Sarah Gordon. This reporter also writes her own blog for a large Twin Cities audience. This created a perfect opportunity for some last minute PR.  Using the details for the scheduled TV interview, I contacted the reporter-turned-blogger and “repurposed” the information for a quick blog post alerting her readers to the upcoming interview.

I also have a print story scheduled to run tomorrow, and I wasted no time confirming that my reporter contact at the Red Wing Republican Eagle has all the information she needs for her feature story running in print Thursday November 17th edition. I also confirmed her article will be posted to the newspaper’s website.

Make the most out of every interview with research and a conversation with your reporter. You will double your results.


Written by Sallie Crowl

Sallie is thorough and tenacious, precisely the type of person you want talking with the media about your products. A clear thinker, she uses her sales background to help reporters see all angles to a story. A veteran of the publishing and printing industry, she’s been making good things happen for our clients for five years. Sallie has achieved client placements on CNN, WGN-TV, and Better TV, and in an impressive list of print media including First for Women, Woman’s World, Energy Times, Amazing Wellness, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine.