17 Pointers that will make you look like a media pro

The Big Picture –

I doubt there is another public relations firm anywhere that books as many interviews as we do at Media Relations Agency. When our staff members give you their advice, it’s as practical as you can get. I’ve asked them to come up with common mistakes they have seen our clients make while interviewing and show you how to avoid the same pitfalls. If you follow their simple suggestions, you will have more successful interviews.

I’ll offer the first piece of advice: take your interview seriously. Your performance magnifies the golden selling opportunity of each interview. Publicity looks deceptively easy. In a television studio, you may be with just 10 people. On telephone interviews, you’re often alone. It’s hard to comprehend the number of people listening to your every word. If you could actually face the enormous crowds in a broadcast audience, you would realize the magnitude of the moment. Picture this: you are looking out a second story window, and the crowd you’ll be addressing extends as far as you can see. They’ve all come to hear you. That’s your typical audience. Scary? Not if your presentation is in order. Your best bet is to over-organize and over-prepare.

Reviewing the following tips will help you feel confident and prepared when the microphone is on.

Lonny Kocina

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