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by | Aug 29, 2023 | Content Creation, Content Marketing, Services

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Pay close attention: If you’re writing and posting content on your website primarily to rank higher in search engine results, that tactic could backfire on you. Google’s algorithms may instead rank your content lower. These days, Google rewards what it calls people-first content. Media Relations Agency is very familiar with this type of content, because it aligns with our Media-Grade Content®, a writing process we’ve used for decades.

What is people-first content?  

Think twice before posting content that sounds clever but doesn’t offer much in the way of new or valuable information. With its people-first content, Google’s goal is to increase search engine trust and credibility. 

That means posting fresh, interesting and useful content that isn’t simply repeating information that can be easily found all over the internet. And when you use a keyword for SEO purposes, it should always be within this context. 

People-first content gives your audience what they are looking for. It meets their needs. By ranking people-first content higher in search results, Google’s aim is to, “better reward content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience.” 

Media-Grade Content pays attention to the same details 

Our SEO content writers are, first and foremost, product marketers. We write content that is thorough and worthy of your audience’s time. There’s no room for fluffy content that doesn’t add value. 

We follow our Media-Grade Content process, developed after decades of writing stories used by reporters and journalists. We deliver fresh, well-written, keyword-rich content that inspires readers to want to learn more and to act on that information.

Our Media-Grade Content is: 

  • Marketing focused to ensure your messages are delivered 
  • Guided by the media’s preferred AP Style to improve its impact and credibility 
  • Onpoint and relevant to your audience
  • Written with a depth of experience that can only be gained from extensive careers and quite frankly, lives well lived

SEO is critical to your product becoming more famous among people within your target audience. Keyword-rich, people-first content matters tremendously. Our Media-Grade Content satisfies your need to post substantive, relevant information that drives higher SEO ranking and discoverability. To start working with our savvy writing team, call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to get started.

Written by Robin Miller

Written by Robin Miller

Robin will coordinate the writing for your newsletters, social media posts, website, blogs, newsletters and press releases. “I like interviewing clients and spokespeople, hearing their stories, getting to know their personalities and listening to how they phrase their thoughts,” she says. “It’s fun to transform what I’ve learned from those conversations into media-grade content.” Robin enjoys shaping content to ensure that the message will be clearly received. “When someone understands the relevance of what they’re writing and can position it properly for their audience, their work tends to be more convincing and on point. I’m fortunate to have a very diverse background, which gives me a good perspective whenever we bring on a new client.” An IABC- and Mercury-award winner, Robin says her practical experience in the health sciences has proven particularly beneficial as she interprets clients’ scientific information for mainstream media. “But it’s no longer sufficient to write well,” she cautions. “As marketers, we must now comply with the intricacies of digital marketing. That involves a whole set of rules, which are constantly evolving.”


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