Media story reinforces our client’s industry leadership

When Twin Cities Business reporter Gene Rebeck chose specific locally headquartered companies to interview for his article, “The Malware Pandemic,” it signaled readers that those firms are their community’s trusted subject matter experts. This tacit, third-party endorsement is why it was important to us that our client, Mytech Partners, be included in Rebeck’s media story. 

Mytech Partners, a respected Twin Cities IT service provider for more than 20 years, asked us to use media coverage to help elevate awareness of, and trust in, their services. Knowing that they are heavily involved with helping businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks, we believed this Twin Cities Business article was an ideal opportunity. 

One of our publicists coordinated the interview between Rebeck and Mytech Partners co-founder Nate Austin. We also provided some of the background information used for this piece. 

Strategic media stories, such as this one, can help to elevate your company’s reputation. This single article made more than 32,000 impressions. It affirms current clients’ decision to work with Mytech Partners. It also educates prospective clients about Mytech Partners’ expertise. This article can be easily shared in Mytech Partners’ blog, social media posts, newsletters and sales presentations to further extend its impact.  

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