Can you “see” what we’re doing here?

Body language expert Linda Clemons has shared the stage with Oprah and President Obama. She learned how to read nonverbal cues from FBI and ATF behavioral experts. This one-woman dynamo, a gifted coach and motivational speaker who can “see what you’re thinking,” hired Media Relations Agency to generate even more awareness of her unique skills. 

Media Relations Agency’s publicists have started contacting the media to offer Clemons as a guest. As virtual work environments become more commonplace, it’s important to learn how nonverbal communications affect business dynamics. 

In this interview on NBC-TV affiliate WFLA, Clemons gave a Tampa, Florida audience great advice on reading each others’ body language. They also learned how to download her entertaining and insightful e-book. Clemons’ energy-filled appearance, a whopping 5-½ minutes long, was so interesting that the anchor invited her back.  

This TV interview, which is also posted to the station’s website, reached an estimated 75,500 viewers. Because of our relationship with the station and Clemons’ great interview, our publicist was able to get a second airing on sister station WTTA, which made an additional 80,000 impressions. And this is just the beginning of our efforts on Clemons’ behalf! 

What great things might happen with your business if you could get in front of tens of thousands of people? Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to discuss how we can structure a publicity campaign specifically for you. 


Written by Media Relations Agency

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