It’s time to finalize your back-to-school campaign

Are your back-to-school marketing plans in place? Last year, Americans’ back-to-school spending was projected to exceed $72 billion. Shopping typically starts as early as July. That gives you just less than two months to prepare. Even if you don’t sell school supplies or clothes, keep reading. You might be surprised by the product categories that can benefit from a back-to-school campaign.

Buyers gear up with much more than lunch boxes and laptops has helped many clients capitalize on this opportunity to increase awareness of many other types of products. If your product falls into one of these categories, contact us to strategize on a back-to-school marketing campaign:  

    • Kid-friendly healthy foods and snacks: There’s a big market for nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack options, especially those that are lunch-box convenient and portioned for smaller tummies. 
    • Dietary supplements for the entire family: There’s tremendous demand for science-backed nutrients shown to support immune health. Parents and caregivers are also interested in natural ways to get more energy. And college students may benefit from safe options that may improve their focus and concentration. 
    • Medicine cabinet makeovers: From the best ways to care for minor cuts and scratches, to products to have on hand for everything from poison ivy to lice, this is always a popular back-to-school category. 
    • Remote learning: Demand for online learning grew during the pandemic and this category has become very competitive. Ask about ways to distinguish your services from others. 
  • Fitness trackers and smart watches: Teens and college students can embark on a healthier school year with the latest technology. 
  • Dorm room essentials: These products range from furniture and bedding to kitchen and bathroom accessories. Tell shoppers what’s trending and where to buy it.  


What should be included in your back-to-school marketing campaign? 

Focus on visibility and discoverability. 

  • Visibility: The marketing Rule of 7 states most people need to see your message seven times before they act on it. Be present where your buyers are most likely to see you. Include publicity, blogs, social media and digital advertising in your campaign. can help you reach the masses by recommending the right combination and frequency for each channel, based on your budget and goals. 
  • Discoverability: People can’t buy your product if they can’t find it. Make sure your website is optimized for SEO, both technically and in terms of your content and images. Our SEO specialists can evaluate your site and make recommendations that will help you rank higher in search results. And our site managers can ensure that your site is functioning well for the best-possible user experience. (We want to help you avoid the dreaded abandoned shopping cart!)  

Because we’re a full-service product marketing agency, we have the flexibility and expertise to create and manage a back-to-school campaign that suits your needs. Shopping will begin soon. Be ready. Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to connect with us.

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