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We consider SEO optimization essential to making your product a celebrity. You need people to know who you are, why you’re better and how to do business with you. Each time someone can’t find your website, you’re probably losing leads and sales. Media Relations Agency’s 8-step SEO strategy works to improve your search engine ranking.

SEO is more complicated than ever 

If you’re not getting any traction with your SEO efforts, it might be time to reconsider your overall SEO strategy.

A comprehensive SEO strategy involves a combination of research, writing, design and technical work to increase traffic and ultimately improve your bottom line.

You get more with benefits with our 8-step SEO strategy

Today, almost every marketing agency will tell you they can do SEO work. We’re more thorough than most of them. Here’s what you’ll get by working with Media Relations Agency:

  1. Keyword/Opportunity Research: Everyone wants to jump right into writing content, but the first step of any real SEO strategy is the research. Media Relations Agency can help you discover new keywords, and provide helpful insights such as monthly search quantity and competition level. We’ll give you information beyond the standard organic rankings.
  2. Research Google’s Top Page Results: Google uses artificial intelligence to determine what people are likely searching for when they type in a particular query. As a result, Google prefers a specific type of content for each query. If you want to rank for a keyword, you will usually need to match Google’s keyword intent. We’ll help make that happen.
  3. Helpful SEO-Optimized Content: Google’s primary goal is to rank pages that are helpful. Our Media-Grade Content® achieves that goal. Our content marketing writers will showcase your expertise and help you stand out from other pages online.
  4. Prioritized User Experience: In addition to clean web design, Media Relations Agency will pay close attention to other aspects that create a better user experience, which will help your page rank.
  5. Professional Attention to Links. Internal links and backlinks are critical to your site ranking. Backlink generation can be a tricky process. It’s a good thing we know the content marketing strategies necessary to accomplish it. Where appropriate, we may also suggest outbound links to other websites.
  6. A Technical SEO Audit. Skipping this audit can completely derail an otherwise good website.
  7. Ongoing SEO Advice. Your rankings will constantly change as Google updates its algorithm, learns over time, or as your competitors make changes to their pages. We can keep track of your performance to spot any changes that might be needed. We can also help you make those updates.
  8. A Strategy That Matches Your Goals. Your goals should guide your SEO strategy from the start. They also affect how you measure your SEO program’s success. Increased traffic is nice, but what you really want is leads or sales. As a product marketing agency with 35+ years of experience, that goal is embedded in our DNA.

Go to Publicity.com for a better SEO strategy 

We’ll start your project with an in-depth competitive analysis to find how you stack up to your competition. Then, we will handcraft a strategy to help you beat them. Our full staff of content writers, web developers and SEO analysts can help with every step of this process.

To start boosting your web traffic, complete this form or call us at 952-697-5269.

Written by Brady Balhorn

Written by Brady Balhorn

Brady is responsible for a lot of the behind-the-scenes digital research and strategy execution. He is also excellent at digital advertising. Having created countless YouTube videos, blog posts, and websites ever since he was in middle school, Brady has spent most of his life trying to get his content rank high in search engines. A web-savvy and detail-oriented person, you can count on Brady to create and optimize content that will get your site found.


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