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by | Aug 11, 2022 | Advice & Tips

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Marketing a business is about getting your product in front of the people most likely to purchase it. It’s about earning their attention and business by telling an interesting story and offering them something of value. Unless you’re trained in strategic marketing, and are current in all of its variables, you probably need to hire a marketing agency. 

To keep it simple, I’m dividing agencies into three categories. Of course there are exceptions. 

Good: A one- or two-person agency. These pros are typically experienced in specific types of marketing such as social media or influencer marketing. This scenario might serve you well if all you need are very specific services in their area of expertise. But if you have a lucrative opportunity that’s not in their wheelhouse, you might have to scramble or lose it to a competitor. 

Better: A three- to five-person agency. This is the average size of most U.S. marketing agencies. Add a few more people and you’re presumably adding more skills. They might, for example, have an SEO specialist, a website designer and a writer. Some companies hire multiple agencies of this size, each with different skill sets, to cover everything that needs to be done. Just be mindful that this means more time and coordination on your part. 

Best: An agency with expertise in all product marketing areas. An agency of this size, such as Media Relations Agency, can create, implement and measure a fully integrated marketing campaign with all of the right components. We’ve got our clients’ backs, whether they need marketing strategists, graphic artists, videographers, publicists, SEO specialists, social media managers, etc. 

What if you really just need one type of marketing? 

Hiring a fully integrated marketing agency makes sense even if you don’t currently need all our skills. We have many clients who come to us just for publicity. That’s the best place to start, and the best use of your budget, because you’re marketing to the masses. With our Pay Per Interview® model, you only pay for results.

One of the first places the media look for background information is our clients’ websites. In the process of a PR campaign, we may suggest strategic tweaks to their sites to improve their media coverage. It’s easy for us to jump in and do that work. 

Digital marketing is growing exponentially in importance. There are a dizzying number of tools, channels and platforms. And those are constantly evolving! When the needs arise (and they will!), we’ve got a team of marketing experts who are passionate about all things digital. 

You know your business and your product better than anyone. But without the guidance of integrated marketing strategists, such as Media Relations Agency’s certified marketing professionals, “you don’t know what you don’t know” about effectively marketing your business. 

After 35 years in business, we are one of the nation’s most enduring agencies because we believe in truth and authenticity. We will never try to over-extend your budget, or over-sell you on marketing services you don’t currently need. 

Since we’re always in your corner, we promise to make you aware of marketing opportunities and provide you with solid advice based on our decades of experience. 

If we sound like the kind of agency, and the kind of people, you want to work with, call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to schedule time on our calendars. 

Written by Heather Champine

Written by Heather Champine

Heather is a multi-faceted leader. She’s part marketing strategist, part consumer psychologist and part motivational cheerleader. “I love understanding what drives people to take action, especially when it involves getting the media to run stories about our clients,” she says. With more than 25 years of experience, she has the keen understanding and insight to know how to run an integrated campaign and what it takes for our clients’ stories to become the news. She enjoys leading campaigns for complex industries such as medical devices and technologies, as well as fun industries such as hair salons. She thrives on pursuing creative ways to educate consumers about clients’ products, and ultimately inspiring them to buy. “I appreciate becoming a part of each client’s marketing team. I cherish the long-lasting relationships, and successful marketing programs we have created together.” Heather also finds joy in her daily collaborations as part of our creative team. “I am grateful to work with publicists, writers, designers and other marketing experts, all enjoying what they do because they are using their God-given strengths. Our publicists have great instincts because they all have media backgrounds. When things get hectic, it’s often Heather who cracks the first joke. “We encourage people to be a little goofy and unique. Some of the best ideas and solutions emerge because we know how to have fun,” she grins. “I may say something like, “Remember this is PR not the ER. Now, lighten up and go book a great story idea with the media!”


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