Does your agency know how to choose backlinks for SEO and marketing?

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Backlinks can improve your SEO ranking (how high your website ranks in search engine results). But are you using the right backlinks to get SEO results that support your marketing goals? Our Media Relations Agency ( team combines the technical and marketing expertise to make your backlink strategy crystal clear. 

What are backlinks? 

Backlinks are links on a website that point to your website. When a site links to you, it is a vote for your page being relevant, quality content. Since the entire point of internet searching is to find quality content that is also highly relevant, linking is an obvious choice for search engines to evaluate.

By looking at the number and type of backlinks pointing to a page, a search engine can decipher how well the site is being used, what the page is about, and how many people found the page to be helpful or worthy of sharing.

Why backlink quality matters 

A quality backlink comes from a website with high authority and recognition within its industry or subject matter. Sites with high trustworthiness and authority (as determined by part of Google’s algorithm) produce the highest quality backlinks.

To understand why, imagine this scenario: You’re sick and looking for a specialist to deal with your unique illness. You speak with five respected doctors, and they all point you toward the same specialist. Then you speak with 30 random people who tell you to go to their local clinic. Who would you trust?

You would probably trust the five doctors. They are very knowledgeable about the subject, and decided to refer you to another source instead of offering to treat you themselves. This demonstrates great trust in the quality of the specialist.

Building quality links can be the hardest step in SEO 

This is a long task that requires a great time commitment. It comes down to two things: quality content and visibility. 

You need to offer a perspective that doesn’t readily exist elsewhere on the internet. Your content should showcase your expertise and provide strong foundational support for your product marketing.’s team of certified professional marketers can help you create content that focuses specifically on the points of differentiation that can help to boost sales, make your product famous and elevate you to industry thought leader status. 

The other element is making your content visible. If you have unique quality content that is getting seen, you’re bound to get some links. has unmatched technical expertise. We’ve been entrenched in digital marketing from the time companies first started using the internet to promote their products. We know how to boost your visibility. 

In addition to backlinks, our SEO specialists consider the regularly changing algorithms as well as tactics for mobile searches, voice searches and featured snippets. For maximum impact, you may also need expert writers and web developers. 

The benefit of working with a full-service agency staffed by certified marketing professionals such as is that we have the skill sets and expertise to tackle even the most complicated tasks. 

Learn how to get your site onto the first page of search engine results 

While having high-quality backlinks for SEO is incredibly important, it is far from the only thing affecting your ranking in search. For further help optimizing your site, request a competitive analysis to see how you stack up to your competition. We can get started for $3500. 

Call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to discuss the details.

Written by Brady Balhorn

Written by Brady Balhorn

Brady is responsible for a lot of the behind-the-scenes digital research and strategy execution. He is also excellent at digital advertising. Having created countless YouTube videos, blog posts, and websites ever since he was in middle school, Brady has spent most of his life trying to get his content rank high in search engines. A web-savvy and detail-oriented person, you can count on Brady to create and optimize content that will get your site found.


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