How to fix a common graphic design mistake

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Graphic Design

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Some people learn by reading words. Others are visual learners. One common graphic design mistake I see in marketing is when the design doesn’t clearly tell a product’s story. Media Relations Agency understands the importance of telling a good story if you want your product to become well known. That’s been our specialty for 35-plus years.

Graphic design has an essential role in product marketing 

Whether it’s your sales brochure or digital ads, you often only have seconds to make a good first impression. Your graphic design needs to give you an edge. 

Good design delivers a strong first impression and reinforces what you want your customers to think of your company and products. It grabs attention and creates desire to learn more about a product. It’s about visually communicating what differentiates your product from your competition. 

It’s about making your product more instantly recognizable. And that’s one way Media Relations Agency treats our clients’ products like celebrities. 

Our designs tell your story, elevate your brand and convey your organization’s personality. Our award-winning graphic design services will set you apart from your competition.

If your designs aren’t doing all of this, you’ve got a big hole in your marketing strategy.

How to fix this common graphic design mistake

If your graphic design isn’t clearly and consistently telling your product’s story, it may be time to  change your perspective. 

Our graphic designers are certified marketing pros. We think of graphic design as visual content marketing. We design materials with a purpose, such as to drive sales or raise awareness.

Jump over to to start elevating your graphic design to professionally produced visual content marketing. We can help you with infographics, brochures, postcards, digital ads, package and label design, or a complete identity development. 

You can also get started by calling us at 952-697-5269; or use this form to get in touch.

Written by Katie Hanson

Written by Katie Hanson

Katie gathers inspiration and keeps up with design trends. “I am driven by my desire to learn more about web and graphic design, and by the high standards for quality work that I set for myself. Plus, I enjoy bringing new ideas to our team!”


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