The best marketing strategies for 2023

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Advice & Tips, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Paid Advertising

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The marketing trends that will likely dominate 2023 include an even stronger emphasis on visual content (infographics, videos) as well as a focus on the overall customer experience. But that doesn’t mean others are going away. The best marketing strategies for 2023 will be those that nurture buyers’ desire for your products, more than hanging onto their money. That can be a tough hurdle! 

Integrated marketing will surpass other marketing strategies in 2023

An integrated marketing strategy simply means the well-coordinated use of multiple promotional channels to communicate and reinforce your messaging. This will help you get the most value from your marketing budget. 

I’ll use the consumer buying process as an example. This basic marketing principle also applies to B2B marketing.

1. Needs recognition. The realization that people need or want something. While this may seem straightforward, it’s not. People often don’t know they need or want something until they learn it’s available. 

    • Tip: Use media coverage and emails to tell large audiences about the problem your product solves. Every business should have at least one or two good media stories. If yours aren’t current, add this to your 2023 wish list. 
    • Tip: Emphasize your category expertise and leadership to instill trust. Just remember that people at this stage don’t like feeling like they’re being sold to. 

2. Information search. Most people punch search terms into Google. Ideally, they will find the most thorough information on your properties. Tip: Make sure your SEO strategy is robust, so you are discoverable. 

    • Tip: Digital ads should be a major component of your online marketing strategy. 
    • Tip: Content on your website and in your social channels should be unique and useful. Avoid just repeating information that can be found elsewhere.
    • Tip: Include a mix of visual and written content to accommodate different learning styles.

3. Evaluation of alternatives.This is where buyers narrow their options by evaluating the pros and cons. Most buyers are influenced by reading blogs and online reviews.

    • Tip: Blogging frequently has been shown to result in more sales leads. 
    • Tip: Consider if your consumer product is appropriate for an influencer marketing program. 
    • Tip: Keep those touch points active! Don’t stop with one media story or one email. Most people need to hear or read something 7 or 8 times before it sticks.
    • Tip: Establish a program to generate reviews. 
    • Tip: Incorporate testimonials and case studies into your content plan.  
    • Tip: Focus on trust factors on your site and around your conversion points, such as certifications and time in business.

4. Purchase decision. Buyers make their choice and open their wallets. That’s our goal! 

    • Tip: Track which marketing strategies are bringing people to this point. 
    • Tip: Learn and adjust. Collaborate with your marketing team to ramp up your hardest working strategies. 

5. Post-purchase behavior. If buyers regret the purchase, they may initiate a return or leave a bad review. If they are satisfied, they’ll likely just move on with their day. If they’re highly pleased, they’ll leave a positive review. 

    • Tip: Once you confirm why people are most likely to buy and to be happy with their purchase decision, use that information to further strengthen your marketing messaging and strategy. 

Selecting a full-service agency 

Following an integrated marketing strategy means tapping into a lot of different areas of expertise. How you use each area depends on multiple factors including your goals, your market and audience, your budget and the capabilities/advantages of each promotional channel. 

It’s important to select an agency based on their strengths, because they’ll try to steer you toward what they feel most comfortable doing. 

The advantages of using Media Relations Agency are clear. We’re a 35-year-old, full-service agency with an international client base. We pioneered performance-based PR. We were there when the internet was born in 1993, and we’ve specialized in digital marketing best practices ever since. 

With us, you have one experienced team to collaborate with, and our team has individuals with strong expertise in each marketing area. That frees you to take care of your other job responsibilities. Our goal is to make you look like a superstar.  

To take full advantage of the best marketing strategies for 2023, you should really get started now. Use this form to get in touch with us, or call us at 952-607-5269 to discuss your specific needs.

Written by Jason Kocina

Written by Jason Kocina

Jason is our chief digital marketing strategist. Clients love him because he’s amazing at explaining complex ideas and concepts to non-technical people. In fact, Jason has been teaching businesses how to turn their websites into profit centers since 1995. He feels most invigorated when he’s helping clients use digital media to distinguish themselves from the competition. Jason is one of those rare people who can effortlessly interpret how digital changes are likely to benefit or hinder a marketing program. Using his extensive experience in design and web development, he can quickly review any scenario and determine how best to help a client.


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