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How to get the most value from your trade show participation

We help many of our clients improve the value from their trade show participation. Our experience also includes personally attending major trade events around the world for the industries we represent. Our agency even owned a successful events company for many years. Here are some professional tips for increasing booth traffic, capturing the interest of more qualified prospects and achieving other trade show goals.

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Learn how a publicity campaign launched Breathe Right® nasal strips

Breathe Right is a well-known national brand that wasn’t always so famous. Download our free paper to get a behind-the-scenes look at the publicity campaign that helped make this national brand an American phenomenon. In addition to explaining the strategies behind Breathe Right’s success, we’ll give you a free Mediagenic Analysis so you can see how we use publicity to boost brands.

Tap into exciting special events with timely media stories

In real-time marketing, marketers use social media to comment on special events as they happen. While using Twitter to draw attention to products during award ceremonies and sports matchups is a relatively recent trend, publicity as a promotional channel has successfully tapped into special events for decades. The media stories we arrange often incorporate seasonal themes and holidays to build interest in our clients’ products. Timely media stories show consumers that our clients’ products help them celebrate holidays or ease seasonal concerns.

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Tap into the media’s “wow” factor by repurposing your media stories

No matter how much communication technology changes, media appearances still have a real “wow” factor. Consumers are impressed to learn that your product has been highlighted on television programs, radio shows, online networks and in print publications. You can use this fascination and third-party credibility to your advantage by repurposing the media coverage we arrange for you. From personal selling tools to social media posts, you can reuse media stories in a surprising number of ways to promote your product.

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America’s got talent-ed content writers (or maybe not)

To win the content competition, differentiate yourself by writing media-grade content for all of your owned, shared and paid promotional channels. That means that the content written for your blog, website and collateral materials must meet the same stringent standards as your press releases and pre-written articles. Writing with the media judges in mind will help your content always take center stage. Without it, your content may never win the competition or your target audience’s attention. Writing media-grade content takes talent!

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Tradition is for family recipes. Not publicity pricing models.

Traditional methods are fine for spaghetti sauce and pie crusts. Not for publicity pricing models. At Media Relations, Inc., we break with tradition and charge our clients per media story we arrange, not by the hour we work. Our pricing structure is performance-based and we have been awarded a national trademark for our unique Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing model. So with us you’re not paying someone just because they tried.

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How fast can this publicist pitch your story?

Ten seconds. That’s how much time Publicist Jennifer Hanson has to catch reporters’ or producers’ attention when she calls them. So, she pitches our clients’ stories in a short and precise manner. Here are some other techniques Jennifer uses to arrange wide-reaching publicity for our clients. Jennifer pitches stories the brave and personal way: over the phone. She explains, “We call the media, not just send e-mail. I research writers before I call them, and I pitch them their kind of
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When should you start planning your summer media coverage? Now!

Timing is crucial to obtaining media coverage for your product. You need to start planning stories about summer topics while you’re still wearing a jacket to work. Our publicists are currently working with reporters and producers on the warm-weather story angles that the media does every year. If you want your product to be included in our co-producing dialogs with news producers, we need to know soon. If you could listen in on our phone conversations, you’d hear publicists co-producing news
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Pay Per Interview Publicity convinces more customers for less money

Publicity can be a vastly better value than traditional advertising. Years ago after we arranged for a client’s story to run in the Wall Street Journal, we called the publication to ask what the equivalent amount of ad space would cost. The shocking price was around $180,000. I remember thinking, “That’s the cost of a house!”  Our fee then for arranging that article was less than $10,000. Not only was the publicity we arranged more engaging than an ad, it was a fraction of the price. To
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Find out what your company must do to attract media coverage

Your company or product may be able to grab the media’s attention like a Super Bowl MVP. Businesses or products can attract the camera’s lens, earn more media coverage and social media shares, and get noticed by a wider audience. How? By being more mediagenic. Mediagenic is our word for content that is compelling enough to meet the media’s high standards and get featured in their stories. When your company is featured in media stories, a wider audience learns more about you from a believable,
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