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How fast can this publicist pitch your story?

Ten seconds. That’s how much time Publicist Jennifer Hanson has to catch reporters’ or producers’ attention when she calls them. So, she pitches our clients’ stories in a short and precise manner. Here are some other techniques Jennifer uses to arrange wide-reaching publicity for our clients. Jennifer pitches stories the brave and personal way: over the phone. She explains, “We call the media, not just send e-mail. I research writers before I call them, and I pitch them their kind of
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When should you start planning your summer media coverage? Now!

Timing is crucial to obtaining media coverage for your product. You need to start planning stories about summer topics while you’re still wearing a jacket to work. Our publicists are currently working with reporters and producers on the warm-weather story angles that the media does every year. If you want your product to be included in our co-producing dialogs with news producers, we need to know soon. If you could listen in on our phone conversations, you’d hear publicists co-producing news
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Pay Per Interview Publicity convinces more customers for less money

Publicity can be a vastly better value than traditional advertising. Years ago after we arranged for a client’s story to run in the Wall Street Journal, we called the publication to ask what the equivalent amount of ad space would cost. The shocking price was around $180,000. I remember thinking, “That’s the cost of a house!”  Our fee then for arranging that article was less than $10,000. Not only was the publicity we arranged more engaging than an ad, it was a fraction of the price. To
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Find out what your company must do to attract media coverage

Your company or product may be able to grab the media’s attention like a Super Bowl MVP. Businesses or products can attract the camera’s lens, earn more media coverage and social media shares, and get noticed by a wider audience. How? By being more mediagenic. Mediagenic is our word for content that is compelling enough to meet the media’s high standards and get featured in their stories. When your company is featured in media stories, a wider audience learns more about you from a believable,
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Top three marketing budget considerations for 2015

How much money remains in your 2014 marketing budget? Do you want get more results out of your 2015 budget? Here are three tips to consider. 1. If you need to spend the rest of your 2014 budget, so you can get the same or a bigger budget for next year, send whatever is remaining to us. We’ll start working on a dynamic publicity campaign to kick off 2015 that will make you look like a superstar. 2. To make a splash with media coverage next year, it’s best to start sooner rather than later.
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Extra! Media Relations jazzes up ClearCause PR; founder sings praises.

What do CNN, Fox News and 60 Minutes have to do with jazz? After Media Relations tuned up ClearCause Foundation’s marketing program, interviews with top media outlets have been music to the ears of Founder Sheryl Hill. We believe strongly in giving back to our communities. By supporting others in need, we are helping to create a stronger and more harmonious world. In addition to our robust pro bono program, our team members are actively involved with various fundraising and awareness-raising
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No media coverage in the works for your product this month? Now that’s a scary thought!

Halloween is almost here, and I hope that the seasonal “cobwebs” don’t also describe your marketing program. If you’re using tired, worn-out tactics, you could inadvertently be scaring away customers. Right now, we’re advising our clients to start dressing things up. Doing something fresh and new will grab customers’ attention, and reassure them that spending their hard-earned money on your product is still a treat. So let’s run through some of our ideas for brewing up success. I promise,
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Are you getting the marketing response you deserve? Probably!

So your press release did not grab the attention of the media.  You only got two responses to your blog post; your tweet didn’t get any retweets; your Facebook post received only a couple likes; and your website attracts lots of traffic but no one places an order. What are you doing wrong? This is so frustrating! Don’t beat yourself up!  With more than 25 years of learning from our successes and yes our own rejections, we have refined our process of creating media–grade content! Learning
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Should you pay for a celebrity endorsement for your publicity campaign?

Is hiring a celebrity a smart marketing tactic? Be careful: Celebrity endorsements can backfire for several reasons. We’ve worked with professional athletes, TV stars and other A-list celebrities. We’ve found that even though clients are excited about a celebrity doesn’t mean that the media shares their enthusiasm. The reason why media stories are so good at building brands is that reporters and producers are sticklers for credibility. They have to serve – and answer to – their audiences.
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How can social media be used to increase product publicity?

One of social media’s greatest marketing strengths is that it gives businesses a way to interact with key influencers: people who have large followings and who are excited about educating their audiences about favorite products and services. When you get a really good conversation going with key influencers, you can not only inform large groups of people about your product but you can also get (and publicize) their immediate feedback. Recently Communications Specialist Jen Hanson, one of our top