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Here’s what to do with your remaining 2016 marketing budget (and a special offer)

How much money remains in your 2016 marketing budget? Do you want to get more results out of your 2017 budget? Here are three tips to consider: If you need to spend the rest of your marketing  budget, so you can get the same or a bigger budget for next year, send whatever is remaining to us. We’ll start working on a dynamic publicity campaign to kick off 2017 and make you look like a superstar. To make a splash with media coverage next year, it’s best to start sooner rather than
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If you want on-trend content, you need to listen to big data

If your head is buried in a pile of paperwork or you’re running from meeting to meeting, you may be missing out on a critical business tool: big data. Knowing what your customers are saying, which trends are developing (and which are fading) and what your competitors are doing can give you a distinct marketing advantage. The gathering of this information is called social listening. It’s not always easy to get, but it is always insightful.

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Strategic publicity demonstrates how your product fills a market need

Every marketer knows you need to stay on top of trends. Knowing these trends, as well as how to capitalize on them, can help you more effectively tell your company’s or product’s story. That’s what we do at Media Relations Agency. Our team monitors the media and works tirelessly to make connections which benefit our clients. Smart marketers know that this type of strategic publicity can help get your product the attention it deserves. Publicity is a successful promotional tool because it

Hook your audience with marketing storytelling

I recently read an article in which a psychology professor explained how storytelling enhanced his teaching. He said stories are attention-getting and help build connections. I agree. And so does the marketing world. Run an Internet search for “storytelling in marketing” and you’ll find scads of articles. Storytelling may seem like a relatively new marketing buzzword, but our marketing agency has used stories for nearly 30 years to help clients promote their products. In that time, we’ve

One of the important folks behind the scenes at our PR agency

A common phrase around our office is, “If you need something done, give it to Heather Aarre.” Heather is a master at efficiently completing tasks in an organized manner. As account service specialist, her work is vital but often behind the scenes. I want to tell you about her and give her some recognition. By anticipating details and holding herself to high standards, Heather gives our clients the top-notch service they deserve. She helps create the positive, industrious culture at our PR agency.

Two more publicists determined to help you promote your product

Our pricing structure and our people set us apart from other agencies. With Pay Per Interview Publicity®, we charge per story we successfully arrange, not per hour worked. And as for our people, we hire hard-working team players who keep a positive attitude and persevere until the job is done. Our two newest publicists, Tsering Yangchen and Lauren Seagren, continue in this tradition. They’re just the type of people you need to help you promote your product.

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Special limited-time discount to help you get product publicity

As you plan your 2016 marketing budget (or use up the last of your 2015 funds), take advantage of an overlooked way to reach consumers: Promote your products with media coverage. We’re now making it even more affordable to get product publicity. For new clients, we’ll subtract $1,000 from the cost when you sign up for a $10,000 or larger publicity campaign. This discount may be just the opportunity you need to make publicity a part of your marketing strategy.

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