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Jason Kocina

President of Checkerboard Strategic Web Development

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Website-services-imageOne of the first things audiences do when they see one of our client’s story in the news is jump on the Internet and visit that client’s website. So it’s important that our clients’ sites are set up to match what these new visitors expect to see. That’s why we formed Checkerboard Internet Services, Inc. in the 1990s.

We pair our publicists’ knowledge of what makes an interesting story with what the average person might consider technical wizardry to build or update websites that visitors find engaging, credible and persuasive.

Don’t get the wrong impression. Just because we arrange tens of thousands of media stories doesn’t mean we’re “Johnny come lately” website developers. The proof is our web addresses (URLs). We reserved them when every name was still available. We were building websites before most companies knew websites existed. But that’s another story, which you can read here if you want.

We can arrange media coverage that drives traffic to your website. Then we can use our mastery of marketing, persuasive content and digital advertising to drive visitors through your sales funnel. More leads and more sales. That’s what you’ll get from us.

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