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Heather Champine

Partner and Vice President of Media Production

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The most powerful promotional channel on the planet is right at your fingertips…

No promotional tool is more powerful or overlooked than media coverage. We estimate that, on average, companies leave about 200 to 250 media stories on the table each year. Per product. That’s a big promotional miss if you consider most products get one or two media stories per year. How do we know? We know because our company, Media Relations Agency has been arranging product news stories for 30 years. Our publicists make thousands of calls to the media each month and we have placed tens of thousands of product news stories. Most companies have no idea how much media coverage they could be getting.

Over the last three decades, we have developed connections with reporters and producers who are on the lookout for story ideas. Our process is straightforward. We simply work to persuade them to do a story about your product and charge you a fee if they do it. Our clients like the fact that we charge by the story and not by the hour. With us, you don’t pay someone to “try”. You pay only for results.

A simple secret

Product news coverage is rich in sales content. Best of all, your competition is most likely not utilizing it. Imagine the impact on sales if reporters across the country were telling the masses about your product. National or local media coverage should be one of your most productive promotional channels. It’s a very cost-effective way to teach prospective customers and explain why they should buy your product.

What a deal!

We charge only for each story we arrange. You’ll love our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model. If you don’t get coverage, you don’t pay.

It works fabulously!

The argument for using PR as a promotional tool is strong. It’s cheap. It’s credible. You also have the time to fully explain your product’s benefits. PR is in a promotional class of its own. People absolutely embrace the stories. No other promotional channel can create so much positive emotion.

I remember talking with an employee we had just hired. She told me she had worked at a large home goods store. She said every time a news story would come out about a product, they would sell out of it. There’s nothing like a reporter’s power to reach and teach the masses about products. Press coverage is cheap, it’s educational, the audiences are massive, and people will spend time absorbing the stories. If you take a minute to think about it, you will see that media coverage is a powerful sales tool.

Don’t try this at home!

You can’t buy this service from your local PR firm. Their hourly billing model is so ingrained they can’t change. But there’s an even bigger problem. You may not believe this when I first say it, but PR firms are not experts at arranging media coverage. No matter what you think or what they tell you, that’s the truth.

PR firms mediate between a company and its many publics.  Ad agencies sell stuff. Culturally, they are two completely different entities. Don’t put a rifle in the hands of a medic and don’t trust your selling to a PR firm.

Think I’m making too much of this? I can’t tell you the number of companies we talk to who feel they have been burned by a traditional PR firm. We fight this all the time. The common refrain is: “We hired a PR firm like yours, paid them a bunch of money and we didn’t get anything.” The truth is, they didn’t hire a company like ours. We’re nothing like a traditional PR firm. We are a performance-based, hybrid agency. We help clients sell stuff.

It’s not easy making money pricing coverage by the story, and it took many years to perfect what we do. Our rates for stories vary depending on the type of media, the size of the audience and a few other variables. Our business model is unique and we are experts at it.

Test us

Most customers test us by giving us a project. If it works for them, they roll out a larger campaign. And many do just that. We have customers who have been sending us thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars month after month, year after year. Ask yourself why they do that.

Meet the amazing Heather Champine

Heather Champine started as a publicist with us almost 20 years ago and now manages our team of publicists. A few years ago, I made her a partner in the business. Her knowledge of what it takes to get the media to do stories about a company and their products is unmatched. She proved herself early on by consistently getting media coverage for our least-interesting clients. I often hear from new clients that they were amazed at her knowledge of the media. A call to her will be well worth your time.

When you want publicity for your company or product, there’s no substitute for an industry veteran such as Heather Champine. Arranging publicity takes years of experience. It takes a network of media contacts. It takes strategic expertise that only comes with time. Heather has a remarkable knack for understanding why a product story is newsworthy, and what it takes to get reporters and producers to run with it. She’s also a delight to talk with.

You can reach Heather Champine by calling 952-697-5269 or completing our form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Lonny Kocina, CEO and Founder
Media Relations Agency