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How can I get publicity for my product?

When you see news stories about a consumer product, it’s easy to think that a reporter just happened to learn about the product and decide it deserved media coverage. That’s not necessarily the case. Quite likely, someone had a hand in telling the reporter about the product. Often times, that someone is us. Over the last three decades, our staff has arranged tens of thousands of product stories. The secret to our success is that we charge per story rather than by the hour. Many marketers ask, “How can I get publicity for my product?” The answer is: call us.

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Brian Klempke to present publicity strategies at Club Industry Show

On Wednesday, October 7, Media Relations Account Executive Brian Klempke will teach fitness industry professionals how to promote their products or services with publicity. He will present Innovative Secrets to Making Your Product an Enduring Celebrity in the News at the Club Industry Show, taking place at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in Chicago. During his presentation, Brian will reveal how companies can obtain media coverage and why this is such an effective marketing tool.

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The best way to promote your product

Many companies don’t use PR to tell their story. That’s because many PR firms charge big hourly fees with no guarantee of coverage. I don’t blame anyone for skipping that gamble. We’ve made it cost-effective and smart to take advantage of the best way to promote your product: media coverage.

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Meet Claire: digital marketer extraordinaire

New digital marketing sites or apps seem to emerge every week, which can help companies reach their audience online. Who in your office will manage them? However much you may want to employ these tools, you may not have time to do so. That’s why we offer web property management services. Our web property managers can monitor your website and manage your digital advertising for a certain amount of time each day. You can benefit from the latest digital marketing tools without needing to manage them yourself or hire a full-time digital marketer.

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Hsssssss: That’s the sound of your blog content running out of steam.

Today’s blog content is competing with nearly 50 billion other web pages on more than 634 million websites. As we advise our clients, for a blog to be an effective marketing tool, it must be interesting, informative, relevant and well written. Also keep in mind that the public’s hunger for new content is epic. Wait too long between blog posts, and your audience may go elsewhere.

We help our clients attract more blog followers by creating a steady stream of engaging content. While readers understand when they go to your website that you’re blogging to sell them something, they don’t want or expect all blog content to be product related. They want to feel smarter after they read your content, and maybe even entertained. We collaborate with our clients to create an editorial calendar that offers a balanced mix of topics.

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Product news coverage: Underused and oh so smart

No promotional tool is more underused than product news coverage. I know because my company, Media Relations, Inc., has been arranging product news stories for almost 30 years. One of our most important tasks is helping companies understand that they can ‒ and should ‒ tap into the power of media coverage to promote their products.

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Website support that’s responsive × 2

In the world of website support, “responsive” can mean two things: responsive to client needs or responsive to device type. Both are important. Your web designers should tailor your website to your requests and your website should adjust to visitors’ mobile devices. We provide web design that’s both kinds of responsive.

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