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Robin Kocina honored as an exceptional businesswoman

Congratulations, Robin! COO Robin Kocina will be honored at the 2016 Exceptional Businesswomen Awards. She has a gift for setting goals and finding ways to achieve them. Her mentorship has helped team members grow and flourish. She treats each one as an individual. As Social Media Manager Kris Best says, “Robin is an amazing leader. She truly cares about each employee, and inspires each of us to be our best. Not only for our clients, but also for our families and our community.”

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Why you should promote your product with media coverage

To encourage your audience to notice your message, deliver it in content that appeals to them. This guest blog I arranged in Natural Products Insider provides tips to help grocery manufacturers show their products are environmentally friendly. The article uses information about Malaysian sustainable palm oil to illustrate its suggestions. Media coverage is meaningful content that incents audiences to pay attention. Our PR agency can help you promote your product with media coverage on a wide variety of platforms.

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Agile web development gives you more flexibility to develop your ideas

When you need website improvements, your web agency should tailor its work to your needs. Agile Methodology helps us do this. With Agile web development, we adapt to your feedback as the project progresses. This enables you to get your desired results even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want when you first come to us. It gives you the flexibility to develop your ideas as the project evolves.

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Who’s managing your web marketing?

Recently I took my car to the shop. I hadn’t noticed any problems with it, but cars need to be checked. Your website is the same way. It’s a complex system that needs attention. An expert should check your site, tweak it and recommend repairs. That’s what I do as a web property manager. I monitor all aspects of your website. Regular analysis can make a significant difference in how your web marketing performs. A web property manager can help your site attract traffic and drive leads.

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Ten smart reasons to use our content writers

Who should write your blog and social media content? Content marketing requires skills that may have nothing to do with your core business. And let’s face it, many people struggle to write. Uber creatives are challenged by corralling all their great ideas long enough to type them into a document. Grammar-gurus sometimes have difficulty breaking free of the rules so their creative juices will start flowing. Having a writing team helps you harness the best of the best. And not just any writers. Our content writers have worked with the media for more than 30 years!

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National magazine article teaches 352,000 about our client’s product

The Saturday Evening Post has a long tradition of providing thought-provoking articles. I was happy to arrange publicity in this national publication for our client, Sambucol, because I knew a large audience would see it. Indeed, this national magazine article made 352,000 impressions. That’s the beauty of media coverage: It delivers a client’s message to a massive audience on a trusted platform.

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