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These enhancements make your website more user-friendly and valuable

Your website should be an important part of your sales team, an asset that you just can’t live without. If it’s not connected with your other business tools, however, it may feel more like a liability. We’re often asked to make a website more user-friendly. The two most common enhancements are ecommerce and data integration. Both of these technical updates can extend the functionality of your website and boost its earning potential.

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Publicity for health and nutrition products is my specialty

If you have a new health and nutrition product, you’re probably eager to tell your story. But this market is so crowded that it can often be difficult to get noticed. Partnering with an experienced team can help get you the attention you crave. Our marketing agency specializes in arranging publicity for health and natural products. We know the best ways to get your story in front of millions of interested consumers.

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Graphic Designer 2.0: Why your graphic designer needs marketing chops

I’m a graphic designer. And I’m also a marketer. Everyone here at Media Relations Agency is well versed in marketing techniques and philosophies. It’s part of our culture. Each and every staff member, regardless of our title or job duties, has to understand marketing principles. Yes, there’s even a test. This common knowledge is one reason why our clients enjoy working with us. We don’t just create content that sounds pleasing. We make graphics which help tell their stories beautifully.

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Can your content marketing program pass this fitness test?

How healthy is your content marketing program? Is it active and robust? Or, is it a virtual couch potato making minimum effort? Here are a five questions to help you determine if your content marketing program is fit or getting a little flabby. Have you set your fitness goals? Define your benchmarks. Who do you want to reach? What messages do you want to communicate? What actions do you want readers to take? How often do you want to get in front of your audience?     Are you using the right
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Do you listen? Tips for getting stakeholder feedback.

Listening, whether to our family members or to our stakeholders in business, provides us with the feedback we need to get along with each other or to improve our organizations. But like anything else, to truly be proficient at getting stakeholder feedback it takes the correct approach and considerable effort to get it right. We help our clients listen to their stakeholders, whether business partners, customers or employees. To do this effectively, there are a number of best practices, or rules,
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Strategic publicity demonstrates how your product fills a market need

Every marketer knows you need to stay on top of trends. Knowing these trends, as well as how to capitalize on them, can help you more effectively tell your company’s or product’s story. That’s what we do at Media Relations Agency. Our team monitors the media and works tirelessly to make connections which benefit our clients. Smart marketers know that this type of strategic publicity can help get your product the attention it deserves. Publicity is a successful promotional tool because it

The latest twist to Facebook marketing: fewer photos, more content

There are many benefits to having our agency manage your Facebook marketing. In addition to having a team of online marketers, writers, graphic designers and videographers, we also possess insight which can only be gained by managing multiple Facebook business pages. Because of this, we can spot trends quickly, and make adjustments to make sure our clients’ Facebook pages stay ahead in the ever-changing social media world. The Facebook marketing challenge There’s significant competition
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10 tips to reinvigorate your online marketing program

If you’re not getting the response you want from your online marketing program, it’s time for a check up. A few strategic tweaks can boost its performance. Here’s a checklist to get you started: Identify success. Clarify the reason for your website. Some sites are built to drive sales, others to generate leads and some exist to provide information or shape your brand. You can’t measure success unless you identify your site’s goal. Define your messaging. Your key messages should be
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