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Media Relations Agency lands Minneapolis consultant an interview with large local newspaper

Melissa DeLay’s interview with the Star Tribune, which made more than 500,000 impressions, is one example of why she’s happy to use Media Relations Agency’s integrated marketing services.  DeLay says that integrated marketing has boosted her sales and filled her pipeline. Awareness of her brand has grown locally and globally with media coverage, newsletters and social media. She credits media coverage arranged by Media Relations with impacting her ROI by  more than 100 percent. The Star

Regular Girl product launch: Marketing that gets results.

It takes guts to create a fully integrated marketing campaign in a poopy category! Our new Regular Girl case study will give you an insider’s perspective on how we collaborated with our client to successfully launch a digestive health product. We figured out how to move the conversation about constipation and diarrhea out of the bathroom and into the mainstream media, earning more than 29 million impressions in just 14 months! And from fun, user-friendly websites to cleverly written, snappy content,
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Instead of wishing you had fresh content, call us.

Most of the marketing managers we work with put in long hours. They love what they do but their schedules are always tight. Many of them turn to us when they need fresh content and don’t have the time or resources to create it themselves. If you can relate to this, toss a project our way. You’ll like the results. Unlike some freelancers, our team knows marketing. We churn out hundreds of pages of clear, concise Media-Grade Content™ every month. Many of our clients consider us an extension
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Exclusive Valentine’s Day offer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, take advantage of an often overlooked way to reach consumers: Use media coverage to promote your products. We’re now making it even more affordable to turn you product into the media darling. During the first 14 days of February, you will receive a 14% discount when you sign up for a publicity campaign with Media Relations. This limited time Valentine’s Day discount may be just the opportunity you need to make publicity a part of your marketing strategy. And remember,
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Four strategies you may not be using to promote your product

All marketers grapple with the same issue: how to tell a story that lands their product in more shopping carts. The first step is to capture consumers’ attention. I’m not going to tell you this is easy. Winning consumers’ interest can be a real challenge. But in 25 years of working with marketing teams, I’ve noticed some commonalities about what works and what doesn’t. Here are four strategies you may not be using to promote your product.

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This national magazine article reached 947,087 folks. That’s marketing.

How many potential customers would you like to reach with one media story? How about 947,087? That’s how many people received my client’s message through this Woman’s World coverage I arranged. This national magazine article taught readers across the country that natural eggshell membrane (NEM) can help ease arthritis pain. Publicity is truly mass marketing.

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