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Use a marketing one-two punch: Follow up PR activities with digital ads

When consumers see a media story about how your product can help them, they may make a mental note to remember your product later. Keep your messaging fresh in their minds; follow up PR activities with digital ads. You can deliver digital ads to either very targeted or very broad audiences. We can arrange media coverage and set up accompanying digital ads. Our name for this one-two marketing punch is Digital Media Amplification.

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A PR agency with a gift for promoting products

One of the things I love about being a publicist is that I get to apply my true talents. I genuinely enjoy building relationships, tailoring stories and coordinating schedules. At our PR agency, I get to use these gifts to help our clients. I connect clients with journalists who are interested in what makes their product and company unique. Clients obtain media coverage and journalists gain story ideas. This article and video are great examples of why arranging publicity is so rewarding for me.

Use split testing to get better digital marketing results

As you plan your Internet marketing, it’s important to know which messages are most likely to convince your audience to take a desired action. We can set up split testing to help you discover which versions of digital ads or web pages cause more consumers to click, complete a form or make a purchase. Take advantage of this approach to get better digital marketing results.

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Two more publicists determined to help you promote your product

Our pricing structure and our people set us apart from other agencies. With Pay Per Interview Publicity®, we charge per story we successfully arrange, not per hour worked. And as for our people, we hire hard-working team players who keep a positive attitude and persevere until the job is done. Our two newest publicists, Tsering Yangchen and Lauren Seagren, continue in this tradition. They’re just the type of people you need to help you promote your product.

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Ask Bill how to promote your product with fully integrated marketing

Please join me in welcoming our newest Account Executive, Bill Kranz. We’re glad to have him aboard because he has years of experience helping customers find technology solutions that work best for them. He’s a positive thinker, a strong communicator and a team player. And he is truly appreciative of other people’s needs and contributions. He’ll show you how to promote your product with fully integrated marketing.

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Our hybrid agency expands to Florida

This September I did something many Minnesotans dream about, particularly between January and March. I moved to Florida. Media Relations is opening a Fort Myers office and I relocated to establish it. Our hybrid agency will fit right into the southwest Florida community because we emphasize the value of relationships. As a digital marketing manager, I help clients develop a strong relationship with their target audiences through an optimally maintained website, engaging social media and effective digital advertising.

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Free website audit to help you attract more web traffic and drive sales

If you’re like many professionals I’ve met, you have a feeling your website could be better. You know it’s not driving as much business as it could, but you need guidance what to do about it. To help, we’re offering free website audits for the first five companies that request one each month. These reviews are performed by live digital marketing experts, not automated scans. Our purpose is to help you attract more web traffic and drive sales.

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Special limited-time discount to help you get product publicity

As you plan your 2016 marketing budget (or use up the last of your 2015 funds), take advantage of an overlooked way to reach consumers: Promote your products with media coverage. We’re now making it even more affordable to get product publicity. For new clients, we’ll subtract $1,000 from the cost when you sign up for a $10,000 or larger publicity campaign. This discount may be just the opportunity you need to make publicity a part of your marketing strategy.

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Why adding fresh content can help you attract more website visitors

When potential customers run a Google search, you want them to be able to find your website quickly and easily. Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 signals to choose which web pages should be at the top of search results. When we build your website, we explain how to help your site appeal to Google’s search engine. We train you how to make changes such as adding new content. Posting fresh material can help you attract more website visitors and teach them about your products.

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