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The best way to introduce a new product

Introducing a new product isn’t easy. I understand this. And I respect the hard work and determination it takes to help your product gain market share. That’s why I enjoy helping businesses use Pay Per Interview Publicity®. This creative marketing approach is a convincing way to introduce a new product. It’s the perfect tool for companies whose products are in the early stages of the Product Lifecycle.

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What is your content marketing strategy?

What’s working well? What are your biggest challenges? Content marketing has become complex. Not that long ago, it might have required a few hours of your attention each month. Today, content writing deserves several hours a week or more. Nearly all of our clients now request our help with creating their Media-Grade Content ®. We’ve staffed up to meet this increased demand. We offer a free 30-minute content marketing consultation. During this discussion, we review these five essential content
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Earned publicity with practical advice can make a new product stand out

To create more awareness for a product, nothing beats earned publicity with practical advice that helps people envision how they will use it in their everyday lives. Our goal in arranging media coverage is to give audiences strong reasons for trying our clients’ products. Food swap ideas are trendy! That’s why our client, Pyure Organic Stevia, was thrilled with this interview on Washington, DC’s morning show, Eye Opener. We knew just how to serve up a great food-swap segment by arranging for
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Lessons learned from the very first website, launched in 1991

The world’s first website was launched on August 6, 1991. There wasn’t much fanfare. It’s nothing like the eye-catching, multi-media, consumer-focused websites we build today. Take a look at it here: This basic page of text did, however, start a revolution. Every site today, from the tiniest small business webpage to the largest social network or online shopping site, exists today because of this simple code. I reviewed this 25-year-old page – as well as our first site

Media Relations Agency takes women’s empowerment to the next level with its acquisition of Encourage Her Network

This action is a natural extension of Media Relations Agency's longstanding commitment to helping women in our community succeed. Media Relations Agency, the nation’s premier performance-based marketing agency, has acquired Minnesota-based Encourage Her Network, a professional organization which produces women’s networking events and a quarterly magazine. As part of the restructuring, Encourage Her Network Founder Shannon Johnson has joined Media Relations Agency as an account executive. She
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Even superheroes benefit from memorable media coverage

You may be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but unless people are aware of your superhero skills you may be drowning in obscurity. And that doesn’t bring customers knocking at your door. One of the best ways to share your story – and your talents – is through media coverage. I secured this placement in the Sunday business section of the Star Tribune for our client Advent Group. The Q and A interview format is easy to read and does a great job sharing Advent

My big website goof up

I’m a reasonably smart guy. I reserved the name “” for our PR firm when all domain names were still available. I also reserved “” for our website company because I thought it would be easy to remember. In addition, I reserved a business friend’s company name because he didn’t think much of the “World Wide Web” at first. He didn’t want to spend $150 on a domain name even though his sales to that point were in the billions. Go figure. But I can also
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What you need to know about the Square and WooCommerce integration

I can’t stop smiling lately. Because a new integration between two industry-standard products is about to simplify many of our client’s  lives. Well, at least the accounting part of it. (I’m not much help simplifying your your kids’ massive back-to-school lists.) WooCommerce, the  ecommerce platform that powers loads of online stores, has partnered with Square, the convenient mobile payment solution. This union will enable you to take payments with a single service. That can make it easier
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