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My big website goof up

I’m a reasonably smart guy. I reserved the name “” for our PR firm when all domain names were still available. I also reserved “” for our website company because I thought it would be easy to remember. In addition, I reserved a business friend’s company name because he didn’t think much of the “World Wide Web” at first. He didn’t want to spend $150 on a domain name even though his sales to that point were in the billions. Go figure. But I can also
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What you need to know about the Square and WooCommerce integration

I can’t stop smiling lately. Because a new integration between two industry-standard products is about to simplify many of our client’s  lives. Well, at least the accounting part of it. (I’m not much help simplifying your your kids’ massive back-to-school lists.) WooCommerce, the  ecommerce platform that powers loads of online stores, has partnered with Square, the convenient mobile payment solution. This union will enable you to take payments with a single service. That can make it easier
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Our editing services can make your content more enjoyable

Many of our clients are excellent writers. But even the most gifted writers need a second set of eyes on their work. Strong, experienced editors do more than proofread. They can ensure that your message is on point and communicated effectively. They give each piece more polish. They make it more enjoyable, which is how it will do its intended job. Media Relations’ content editing services help to protect our clients’ brands and reputations. We’re always happy to look at your marketing content
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Promote your product without the gamble

Every company wants to promote their product, but many don’t use PR to do so. That’s because many PR firms charge big hourly fees with no guarantee of coverage. I don’t blame anyone for skipping that gamble. We’ve made it cost-effective and smart to take advantage of the best way to promote your product: media coverage. I started this company almost 30 years ago selling PR by the placement. If you pay for a pizza, you get a pizza. If you pay for a car, you get a car. And with us, if you
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How to get publicity for consumer products

It’s easy to think that news stories about consumer products occur because reporters just happen to learn about these products and decide they deserved media coverage. That’s not necessarily the case. Usually, someone else has a hand in telling the reporters about these products. Often, that someone is us. Over the last three decades, our staff has arranged tens of thousands of product stories. The secret to our success is that we charge per story rather than by the hour. Many marketers
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Use your hometown media opportunities to gain national impact

Every business has a rich story to tell. Media publicity goes a long way in giving your company credibility. But most people overlook the best way to build more national recognition: taking advantage of hometown media opportunities. Our team feels so strongly about this valuable strategy that we recommend it to most of our clients. That’s why we worked so hard to arrange this coverage in Minnesota’s Star Tribune for our Minneapolis-based client JMC Retail Group. The feature article explains
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Product publicity is an endorsement on steroids

Product endorsements work because you trust in what someone else says about a product. You trust a friend because you know they won’t lie. You trust a celebrity because you believe them to be honest. And you trust the media because reporters and producers research the facts. Journalists are also trusted because they are viewed as objective observers. So if they do a story about a product, the audience perceives it as something special. When a reporter or producer does a story about your product,
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The recipe for marketing success: national publicity with social media

I love gaining nationwide attention for my clients, such as this placement on Fox and Friends. The segment topic was cold and healthy summer drinks. Registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler shared a recipe for a chilled and protein-packed ‘teeny bikini coffee martini’ featuring our client’s product. This placement earned them more than 1.6 million impressions. What’s better than that? Combining this national publicity with social media for a super-sized and long-lasting win. National