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Rise to Best in Market

To grab more sales leads than your local competition, you need to appear at or near the top of the search engine results page. We call this achieving Best in Market. Publicity.com has helped many different businesses accomplish this.

Fame is more than inserting a bunch of keywords into your website. The truth is that appearing high in search results requires a combination of things. Then you need to pay constant attention to this strategy if you want to maintain your high ranking.

To increase local SEO ranking, our tasks often include:

Well-defined site structure


Comprehensive keyword research


Specially written content

Optimized titles & descriptions

Tracking targeted keywords post-launch

lead generation

We stay with you

Most of the sites we work on are meant to generate leads. We can turn the dials up to generate more, or down to produce fewer leads, as your needs fluctuate.

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Our 8-step SEO strategy works

Our 8-step SEO strategy works

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