Regular Girl

For women whose lives are anything but regular

We’re seldom asked to create an integrated marketing campaign about poop, flatulence and bloated stomachs. But when we were asked to help launch a new natural digestive product called Regular Girl, we knew we’d have a gas getting people talking about it.

The Challenge: Orchestrate a fun product launch in a ‘poopy’ category

We wanted to use our creative design and content talents to give Regular Girl a fun, upbeat persona. The product would be sold exclusively online, both direct to consumers and through dietitians, nutritionists and other healthcare professional affiliates. So, our web specialists needed to create simple sales and marketing platforms for both audiences. Then we’d support the launch and post-launch activities with ambitious trade and consumer PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns. There would be a lot of elements happening at once!

Campaign Highlights: We moved digestive health conversations out of the bathroom

Regular Girl’s hot pink logo and package design are conversation starters, practically guaranteeing that the product will not stay hidden in purses or pockets. The slogan, “For the woman who is anything but regular” set the tone for Regular Girl’s fun and sometimes quirky persona.

As web designers created the affiliates’ Content Resource Portal as well as the consumer-facing Regular Girl website, our writers generated light-hearted yet educational blogs and articles to populate both sites and keep audiences engaged. Our publicists arranged trade and consumer PR outreach positioned well-known media-savvy dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists and naturopaths and other healthcare providers. We sparked a lot of interest by sending product samples wrapped in hot pink netting, tied with pink ribbon.

We also created digital advertising, landing pages and e-newsletters to draw audiences to the website and into the affiliate program. Our graphic designers even carried the fun Regular Girl design theme into a unusual “poop guide” to enable women have clearer conversations with healthcare professionals about digestive health. Our web property manager created an ambitious marketing calendar, then ensured that all digital marketing elements were implemented on schedule, were working properly and that nothing was overlooked.




Social Media





Property Management

Marketing Strategy

Content Development

Graphic Design

Results & Remarks

We created a lot of movement (pun intended). We designed, pitched, wrote, posted, monitored and refined. Our results included:



Arranged 97 placements in the first 14 months.



On the website.



From Regular Girl’s digital advertising campaign with a remarkable 2.74% average click-through rate.



Grew year-over-year from 137 subscribers to 2,452.

“Media Relations Agency was the logical choice for this project because they have the right expertise. There were many elements that had to work seamlessly together, from the graphics and digital technology to the content and media outreach. Good communications and follow-through were essential. We worked together as a well-functioning team. This was a fun product launch!”

Scott Smith, Regular Girl

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