Lonny Kocina

CEO, Media Relations Agency

Marketing thought leader & author of the best-selling “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing”

“Someone in your company should know about marketing, and it starts at the top.” – Lonny Kocina

Now in his 60s, Lonny Kocina has spent a lifetime in marketing

In 1987, Lonny founded Media Relations Agency, which has served several hundred clients. Media Relations Agency’s nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® business model, which enables clients to purchase publicity by the story, is well known throughout the industry.

When the internet was in its infancy, Lonny had the business foresight to reserve available portal web addresses such as and, and advised hundreds of clients to do the same. This became the springboard for Media Relations Agency’s digital marketing division.

In his spare time Lonny has also taught marketing at the college level. He currently teaches his popular Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®) process, outlined in his best-selling book, to business leaders and those working within the marketing industry.

Lonny is available to speak about his best-selling book: The CEO’s Guide to Marketing

This book introduces a six-step process called Strategically Aimed Marketing, or SAM 6® for short. In his presentation Lonny will explain the SAM 6® process and how it will produce more leads, higher sales and a stronger brand. Lonny claims that learning the SAM 6® process is guaranteed to make you the smartest marketer in the room.

Lonny is available to speak on:

  • SAM 6 Process for Business Owners and Marketing Managers
  • Six steps to more leads, higher sales and a stronger brand
  • Become the smartest marketer in any room
  • Strategically Aimed Marketing
  • What Every Marketer Should Know Before Their Boss Does
  • CEO’s Guide to Marketing

Past speaking venues:

  • Sales & Marketing Institute
  • MarketSmart Academy
  • Sales & Marketing Executives International
  • Chambers of Commerce events
  • Rotary Club meetings
  • Dakota County Technical College
  • EncourageHer Signature Networking Luncheon
  • Marketing to Go national webinar


“Lonny Kocina is passionate about marketing. As a successful entrepreneur, I’ve learned a lot from him over the years about how to promote my businesses. While I may never retire, I am looking for ways to step away from my businesses from time to time. If you feel the same way, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing” may be exactly what you need to ensure your team stays focused on what’s best for your company, even in your absence.”

Lynn Gordon

Founder, French Meadow Bakery & Cafe; Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe

I took avid notes as I found it all extremely interesting. I have gone to a few seminars about marketing and none were as engaging and useful as Lonny’s. The presentation time flew by and I honestly wished we could have stayed longer to hear more. Lonny inspired questions and crosstalk so it wasn’t a boring lecture. We all agreed that we would have gladly paid to attend (not too much! Wink wink). I am definitely going to buy the book! Thanks again.

Margaret Johnson

Banking Center Manager/Business Banking, Minnesota Bank &

I highly recommend Sam 6 to synchronize your team and achieve goals. It’s a pragmatic how to – so everyone gets the message – especially customers.

Sheryl Hill

Founder & Executive Director, Depart Smart

Thanks for the invitation to the seminar. What I liked most about the seminar:

  1. Networking before the seminar–this gave me a chance to find out where others came from to attend the seminar
  2. Seminar—Since my company has been studying the book and learning how to apply the methodology, I found it very helpful for me to learn how to improve our application of the SAM 6 process. Lonny’s examples were very helpful. I must now tweek my code sheets!
  3. Closing comments- When the seminar ended, it was fascinating to find out how each person/company is using the methodology to help her company reach the next level. The informative and casual atmosphere was very conducive for the variety of questions and comments that were asked in the session.”

Tracie Dewberry

Development Manager, Depart Smart

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