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Mike Danielson

Partner and Director of the Health and Nutrition Division

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Since 1988, Media Relations Agency Partner and Director of the Health and Nutrition Division Mike Danielson has orchestrated hundreds of the health, nutrition and nutraceutical industry’s most successful consumer and business-to-business promotional campaigns. You simply won’t find anyone who has more practical marketing knowledge and industry contacts than Mike. He routinely develops and manages multi-million dollar marketing campaigns designed to drive product sales and awareness.

Media Relations Agency has earned a stellar reputation for knowing the most effective ways to position products. Time and again, our publicity successes – supported by trusted marketing advice – have helped build clients’ products and ingredients into highly profitable, well-known brands.

Working with Media Relations equips you with unique benefits:

We fix poorly performing marketing/promotional strategies.

Because we specialize in the health and natural products industry, we are the sought-after solution among CEOs, CMOs, founders and brand managers, as well as marketing VPs and directors.

Our agency has earned the media’s trust.

We will travel the world to bring them relevant, factual information that resonates with their audiences. Our clients’ stories are multi-dimensional.

We connect our health and nutrition clients with many of the industry’s top opinion makers.

We have built a network of more than 30 Key Opinion Leaders who trust us to bring them opportunities that are in alignment with their objectives. This speeds the process of identifying the right messengers to deliver our clients’ stories to their primary market segments.

We are a well-positioned shortcut to promotional success.

We are already extremely knowledgeable about the health and nutrition industry. We understand the terminology and issues. We have the right connections. We know how to construct an entire promotional campaign not just the individual components.

Is your company or product a good fit to work with Media Relations?

As a leading PR, branding and marketing firm for the health and nutrition industry, we have worked with hundreds of companies.

We want to talk to you if:

  • You want to build a brand, and need help telling your story through more influence channels such as publicity, social media, web properties, webinars and health care professional outreach
  • You need a marketing partner with a deep understanding of this industry’s complexities
  • You need a marketing partner with an extensive industry network
  • You have an innovative product that delivers on promise with a commitment to educating your market
  • You are a category leader or willing to do the work necessary to become one
  • Your company earns $2M to $500+M in annual sales
  • Your product has national or international distribution
  • You have a basic understanding of the role that promotions play within the promotional mix
  • You have some experience with publicity and web influence channels

Experience matters.

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Media Relations has secured excellent exposure in both the consumer and trade press for our brands. Their integrative approach and industry expertise has complemented our internal marketing team well.
Pam Stauffer
Marketing Programs Manager, Cargill Health & Food Technologies
We needed to show the bigger retailers that we were reaching the buying public. So we brought on a serious PR agency. Right away there was a lot more life with Media Relations. They drew from a playbook of ideas and implemented many different strategies.
James Whitters, IV
The Alkalol Company
The tremendous amount of media coverage, featuring relevant and trusted experts, made us relevant.
Curt Behrens
President, P2B Inc.

Our Health & Nutrition team generates publicity and provides marketing support for:

  • Proprietary ingredient technologies and finished products
  • Dietary supplements/nutraceuticals, both ingredient and finished products
  • Sports nutrition and medical foods
  • Functional foods and beverages
  • Nutracosmetics
  • Foreign companies and organizations looking to expand into the U.S.
  • Contract manufacturers with unique or best-in-category technologies
  • Nonprofits and associations which serve the industry
  • Retailers (traditional and web-based)
  • Multi-level marketing expertise
  • Direct response companies including infomercial and web affiliate models

Listen to what Mike says about his work

  Schedule a meeting with Mike today!

Listen to what Mike says about his work

  Schedule a meeting with Mike today!