Listening & Engagement Services

Our Active Social Media Monitoring Helps You Stay Connected and Build a Community

Build a strong online community

By really getting to know your followers.

We help you connect with buyers by looking at every post and conversation from a marketing perspective. By listening to – and engaging with – your audiences on social media, we can help you identify, predict and react to their behavior. We can also find and interact with key opinion leaders, bloggers and traditional media who may be interested in sharing your story.

First, we’ll give you a baseline report

Using industry-standard tools, we will establish initial reference points for your social media presence.

We’ll measure such parameters as:

Sentiment over time
What People are Saying
  • What information is included in most of this content?
  • What percentage of these posts mentioned your brand? Competing brands?
  • Where are these conversations taking place?
  • What types of content are shared most often?
  • What do people find when they search online for your product and/or product category?
  • What’s missing from this content?

Then We Will Recommend Opportunities to Build Your Online Community:

  • We can create a plan for producing the content types preferred by your target audience. Do people like videos? Recipes? Tips? Give them more of what they want.
  • We can help you fill the information gaps. If your competitors aren’t talking about a specific product benefit, we can help you satisfy that need.

Then, we’ll launch into our monthly Listening and Engaging activities

We’ll continue monitoring the Internet for relevant posts and conversations. We’ll look for opportunities to reference your product and to funnel people into your website’s sales cycle. We can respond to questions and comments on your blog and social media pages. We’ll reach out to any like-minded bloggers and key opinion leaders we encounter. And we’ll identify media which might be interested in sharing your story.

Each month, you will receive a report on our activities and what we found.

These reports typically include:

Change in Social Media Followers
Hot Topics Related to Your Product
Your Best Performing Posts
  • Content recommendations to fill information gaps or take advantage of hot topics
  • Names of key opinion leaders and their audience sizes
  • Names and affiliations of reporters and bloggers with whom we’ve interacted about your story, and the results (if known) of those interactions
  • Follow-up recommendations based on the month’s listening and engaging activities
  • Links to the most popular posts and stories

500 million Tweets are sent each day. Two million blogs are posted daily. Our social listening and engaging service helps you find the content worthy of your attention. We consider these prime opportunities to deliver your message.


Engage With and Build Your Online Community

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