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We know reporters and producers who would like to do stories about your product. How do we know? Our publicists make thousands of calls to the media every week and they have for 30 years. During that time, our publicists have persuaded countless reporters and producers to publish, post and air stories about our clients' products. Imagine how your sales would increase if we were arranging hundreds or even thousands of media stories for you.

We are the people who can introduce your product to the right media contacts. And the best part is, we only charge if they do a story. Our clients love the accountability of our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview Publicity® pricing model. Nothing will increase your sales more than favorable media coverage. Nothing.


So, what’s it cost?

publicity estimate


No matter what the product or who the client, eventually our conversations come down to these two questions:

  1. “How much media coverage can you arrange for our product?”  
  2. “What would it cost?”

We’ll tell you the answers. Call Heather Champine at 952-697-5269 for a brief chat or complete this form. Heather is a partner in the agency and manages our team of publicists. She can give you a quick assessment. 

And as a bonus, we’ll send you a free copy of our analysis of a recent Nielsen study. We concluded that traditional media is not shrinking nearly as fast as many believe. We think you’ll find this report interesting.

Call Heather Champine at 952-697-5269 or complete this form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Media Relations Agency is much more than amazing media coverage …

media coverage

Today, marketing is all about content. And there is no other agency that understands content like we do. We even came up with a name for our high standard of content: Media-grade Content®. That’s content that meets the standards set by reporters and producers for stories deemed worthy of their audience’s time and interest. We apply these high standards across promotional channels including websites, digital advertising and social media. Coming up with winning story ideas and integrating them through all promotional channels makes us a hybrid agency like no other. If you want people to know about your product, Media Relations Agency offers a hybrid strategy that will work for you.




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White Paper and Mediagenic Analysis

Get tips for applying the strategies that helped lead to this brand’s success; plus receive a free mediagenic analysis of your company or product.

Twenty Tips to Promote Your Product

This free 25-page e-booklet, 20 Tips to Promote Your Product, contains road-tested advice from our publicists and leaders.

Four Truths of the PR Industry

This free download will arm you with a little more PR “street knowledge”.

What kinds of media are Americans consuming?

To place your messages where people will see them, you need to know what forms of media Americans are consuming. Download our free report to find out.

Press Release Assessment

With this free consultation, our team will show you how to add attention-getting spark to your writing.

Website reviews

We’re offering free website reviews for the first five companies that request one each month.

Integrated marketing consultation

Learn how to integrate social media and digital advertising into your marketing strategy, while keeping your brand message strong.

Publicity Estimate

Find out how much media coverage we could arrange for your product, and how much it would cost.