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People love that we charge per story rather than work from an hourly retainer with no guarantee of results

No agency or PR firm knows more about how to get publicity or has arranged more media stories than Media Relations, Inc. Not only is the original story great and seen by massive audiences, but because of the digital world it’s easy to re-purpose each story in countless ways. In this video, CEO Lonny Kocina explains how this works.

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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Company and Products

No agency or PR firm knows more about getting and leveraging publicity, or has arranged more media stories, than we have. Our proven strategies have helped launch multi-million dollar businesses and enabled big-name clients to expand their market share. We’ve also helped create strong consumer demand for entirely new product categories.

Rhoda Olson of Great Clips

Great Clips CEO Rhoda Olson shares how the media stories arranged by Media Relations help her customers understand the benefits of new features, and help her franchisees connect with their communities.

Media Relations CEO Lonny Kocina steps back in time to share how the agency helped to launch Breathe Right Nasal Strips, and introduces a clip by Breathe Right founder Dan Cohen.

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Heather Champine

Would you like to know why Breathe Right sent us a plaque that says: “We Helped Create a Phenomenon”? What appeared to many as grassroots publicity for Breathe Right was actually a carefully thought out and well executed marketing strategy. Read our Breathe Right white paper for a peek behind the curtain. We reveal how our role with a small medical devices company in Chanhassen Minnesota helped turn a virtually unknown product into an iconic national cash cow brand.

Several times each month, I sit down with new clients to give them a fresh perspective on their publicity campaigns. New angles and snappier, more mediagenic content will often ignite the media’s interest.  For a FREE Mediagenic Analysis of your company and/or product, including advice for getting more media coverage, suggestions for boosting sales and supporting additional distribution, and recommendations for the most suitable publicity payment model and budget, contact me today.

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You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had

The Places We Go

We’ve earned the media’s trust because we’ll travel the world to bring them relevant, factual information that resonates with their audiences. From coast to coast, Canada to Asia, we get face-to-face with news makers, so that our clients’ stories are multi-dimensional.

You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had 952-697-5269

Meet Two Key Opinion Leaders Who Help Tell Our Clients’ Stories

Audiences easily relate to the trusted experts who tell our clients’ stories in the media. These media-savvy key opinion leaders are embraced by the reporters and producers because of their excellent credentials and interview skills.

More than 15 years after first being introduced to the Media Relations team, pharmacist and health writer Sherry Torkos describes how the team’s efforts have shaped her career.

Alternative medicine expert Dr. Bryce Wylde describes why the experience of working with Media Relations has made such a positive impression on him.

You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had 952-697-5269

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Integrating Your Media Coverage

  • Media Coverage
  • Integrating Your Media Coverage
    You’ve seen examples of the media coverage we arrange for our clients. That’s just the start. We can show you how to use this media-grade content in all of your promotional channels – traditional and digital media, social media and websites – resulting in more impactful campaigns. It’s an efficient and effective approach to marketing.
  • Social Media
  • Integrating Your Media Coverage
    You’ll be amazed by how our social media team can prolong the impact of your publicity, drive website views and generate leads. We can show you how to take one piece of content, starting with your very first media placement, and extend it to your target audiences in numerous ways. With our syndication option, your stories will be more easily found in every channel.
  • Websites
  • Integrating Your Media Coverage
    We view your website as a marketing program’s strategic foundation, sharing your message with your target market through social media, email and search engines. Posting your media placements to your website brings increased traffic into your sales funnel, turning interested visitors into loyal customers.

    You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had 952-697-5269

    Our Health and Nutrition Division

    We book more media in the health and nutrition arena than other agencies because we have built the right relationships using the right marketing tactics. Since 1988, Partner and Director of the Health and Nutrition Division Mike Danielson has orchestrated hundreds of this industry’s most successful consumer and business-to-business promotional campaigns.

    Mike Danielson, Partner and Director, Health and Nutrition Division

    Mike Danielson

    Partner and Director,

    Health and Nutrition Division

    Felicia Stoler

    “I have worked with Media Relations for almost eight years. Whenever I encounter a new brand/product looking for improved publicity, I immediately connect them with Mike Danielson. Everyone at Media Relations is a joy to work with. We have had a lot of fun over the years, which is a great way to feel about one’s work!” – Felicia Stoler

    JJ Virgin

    JJ Virgin – bestselling author, fitness and nutrition expert, and media personality – reveals how the relationships and connections orchestrated by Media Relations have benefited her career.

    JJ Virgin

    Nutrition myth-buster Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, reveals why he feels good about working with the Media Relations team to educate the public about health and nutrition topics.

    You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had 952-697-5269

    Our Volunteer Work

    Nearly every employee is involved in some sort of community outreach, using company time and resources. Through our pro bono and hands-on work, we are sharing our skills with worthwhile causes.

    Kids n’ Kinship Director Jan Belmore describes the tremendous impact that media coverage has had on her organization’s donations, volunteer recruitment efforts and event participation.

    Hands of Freedom Chairman Brian Numainville discusses how his charitable organization leverages media coverage to bring its stories to an even larger audience.

    ClearCause Foundation Founder Sheryl Hill describes how media coverage has given her organization impactful visibility, why she’s invited back by media outlets, and how media stories have dramatically improved fundraising and event participation. 

    You Are Just a Click or a Phone Call Away From the Best Publicity You’ve Ever Had 952-697-5269

    31 Terms Every Marketer Should Know



    A crow’s thinking goes something like this: “Squashed animal, eat. Car coming, fly.” Imagine if an accountant thought like a crow rather than in accounting terms. “Big pile of money. Some gone. Now pile smaller.” There isn’t an accountant in the world who doesn’t know accounting terms and there shouldn’t be a marketer in the world who doesn’t know marketing terms.

    It used to be that marketing could be done intuitively. Not today. It’s much more complex. The good news is, knowing the 31 terms explained in our Marketing Term Trainer® will bring marketing into clear focus. The methods we use to communicate have changed, but the under-pinning terms and concepts have not. Know those terms and concepts, and everything clears up for you. Choose to ignore these terms, and marketing is murky and stressful.

    Knowing these 31 terms will give you a cool confidence you haven’t experienced before. When you walk into a marketing meeting, it’s almost 100% certain that you will be the smartest marketer in the room. And quite honestly, you will feel a little embarrassed for the marketing crows who don’t know these terms.

    The price is $199. The value is immense.
    Call: 952-697-5222 to order your Marketing Term Trainer® today, and we’ll cover the sales tax and shipping.