This national magazine article reached 947,087 folks. That’s marketing.

How many potential customers would you like to reach with one media story? How about 947,087? That’s how many people received my client’s message through this Woman’s World coverage I arranged. This national magazine article taught readers across the country that natural eggshell membrane (NEM) can help ease arthritis pain. Publicity is truly mass marketing.

Beyond this publication’s huge readership, the article’s content also made this story enviable publicity. The article stated, “A daily 500-mg dose of natural eggshell membrane (NEM) cuts arthritis pain as much as 72%, often within two months, reports the journal Clinical Interventions on Aging.” Hard numbers and a reputable source help readers take information seriously.

I often wonder why more companies don’t use publicity to promote their products. Businesses can teach audiences about their products on television programs and radio shows, as well as in digital and print publications. These stories can reach thousands of new customers. Obtaining media coverage is usually much less expensive than running ads, especially since our agency charges per story we arrange, not by the hour.

Sometimes it can feel a little unsettling to try a new approach. But using publicity to promote products is a venture worth taking. Publicity can bring your story to massive audiences.

Find out what kinds of publicity I may arrange for your company. Call me at 612-790-0872 or complete our contact form. We’ll discuss your goals, and I’ll ask you what marketing tactics have or have not worked for you previously. I’ll tell you some mediagenic story angles. I’ll explain more about why clients like working with us.

Written by Krista Wignall

Krista is a former TV news producer, so she’s a natural at working with the media. She’s also creative and persistent. When she’s got a good story that needs to be told, she won’t give up until she’s made it happen.

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