Broadcast TV interviews broaden your reach

What if, in the next five minutes, you could tell nearly 42,000 people about your products? Exciting, right? That’s what happened when we arranged for CBS-TV affiliate WBTV to interview our client’s representative Michael Woods for this TV news segment. Actually, this is one of several TV interviews we arranged for Enhanced Vision, makers of low-vision technology solutions. 

Low vision is vision that cannot be corrected with medication, surgery, contact lenses or regular eyeglasses. Twenty percent of all people aged 85 and older experience permanent vision loss, and only about 15 percent of people who have low vision are referred to low-vision care.

Woods demonstrated how new low vision technology is improving lives. Our client’s website,, was displayed prominently on the table cover throughout the interview. 

Reach and frequency are important if you want your messaging to be remembered by the masses. This interview reached more than the live TV news audience. It was also posted to the station’s website. Our client can now share this video on their website and social media channels, in newsletters and through digital advertising. To make sure our clients never have to deal with broken links, we store all of their media placements in customized portals. 

TV reaches large audiences. We can do more than arrange TV interviews. We can also coach you to help you maximize the benefits of your TV appearance both during the interview itself, and by extending the reach and frequency of the media placement after it airs. Find out more by calling 952-697-5269 or completing this contact form.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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