Why is publicity important?

It’s very rewarding to tell our clients’ stories through the media. I love it because I get to help great businesses succeed. I also get to educate consumers about products that will make their lives better. Not all companies use product publicity but I firmly believe it’s important. Here’s an example of why publicity is so powerful, using a typical (but hypothetical) client and consumer scenario. 

A pet food ingredient company hires us to promote their nutritious new ingredient through the trade and consumer media. Because of our Pay Per Interview® structure, this company is certain they’ll get publicity for their money. And our team is motivated to arrange lots of media coverage. We collaborate with the client on which media outlets to pursue, establish our messaging, then start arranging media placements.  

Mary owns a pet supply retail store. She reads about the benefits of our client’s ingredient in a pet industry trade publication. Later, while doing some casual reading online, she comes across an influencer raving about the benefits of a dog treat made with this same ingredient. The next morning while getting ready for work, she watches a pet health segment on her favorite TV morning show. You guessed it: A guest veterinarian is praising that same ingredient. 

Convinced by so many credible, third-party sources, Mary is excited to order products made with this ingredient to sell at her store. Armed with information provided by these media stories, she’s looking forward to educating her customers about the benefits of this ingredient. 

We experience variations of this scenario every single day, much as we have for the last 30+ years. Product publicity works. 

Nothing outsells good media coverage. It has massive audiences and plenty of room to tell your complete story. This is earned media. It is compelling that reporters, editors and producers have chosen to share our clients’ stories with their audiences. It means those stories are relevant and deserve to be told. 

Our clients are happy to post links to their media coverage on their websites and in their social media channels. Not only does it give them bragging rights, but it helps them extend each story’s reach. For example if a TV interview airs in Pittsburgh, our client can share it with customers living in other parts of the country. That’s how easy it is for a regional story to get national reach!  

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to publicity. But I can only think of two: 

  1. We don’t have absolute control over the message. The media often want to put their own spin on stories. We stack the deck by providing them with Media-Grade Content®, so the story is essentially already written for them. As a publicist, I’m also trained to help co-produce stories and broadcast segments. That means I help with all of the details to create a well-rounded piece. The media love that our team routinely goes the extra mile!  
  2. Nor can we guarantee the scheduling. We work around that by approaching multiple media outlets with each story. While some may take longer to run, others may jump on it. That way, we have a steady stream of stories finding their way to audiences. 

How would your business be impacted if positive stories about your product were popping up in key markets all year long? Our media strategists can assess how much publicity we might be able to earn for your business. To arrange an insightful and informative conversation, to online or call 952-697-5269.

Written by Jennifer Hanson

Senior Publicist Jennifer Hanson has been with Media Relations Agency since 1997. She plays an integral role in strategic media planning and clients’ campaigns. Jennifer has secured thousands of interviews and placements in radio, television and print. Her creative approach has earned her numerous company awards for excellence, and placements with top media outlets across the country. Jennifer has expertise in working with national broadcast outlets, and has placed her clients in such shows as Oprah, The Today Show, Weekend Today, Fox and Friends and others.

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