What should you include in an integrated marketing campaign?

Mass marketing is not about blasting a message to as many people as possible and hoping for good results. We help our clients choose the best marketing channels to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. It’s all laid neatly laid out in the best-selling “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing.” (Refer to Steps 2, 3 and 4 if you are learning the SAM 6® process described in this award-winning book.)

Consider how you learn about something that interests you, especially if you are in the information-gathering stage of the consumer buying process. The subject might catch your attention during a TV or radio show. You may take the time to read an article while browsing headlines on the internet. You may also watch a video online, click on a digital ad or search social media to see what others are saying.

While you may not realize it’s happening, smart marketers will make sure you see their messages in as many of those places as possible. That’s what a well-integrated marketing campaign does for you: It expands your message’s reach and frequency.

Some marketing components we typically recommend include:

  • Publicity: As our CEO Lonny Kocina likes to say, media coverage is an endorsement on steroids.
  • Digital marketing: Digital marketing also extends the reach beyond the media’s original audience.
  • Social media:  From highly shareable memes to organizing live social media chats between your experts and fans, social media gets people talking.
  • Video: The most common type of videos are explainer videos, product demos, how tos and testimonials. Our team produces fantastic explainer videos. And a recent Facebook Live event, featuring how tos and a product demo, earned one of our clients thousands of views!

When designing your integrated marketing campaign, start by taking your product, primary value points, positioning and market(s) and other variables into consideration.

We can help you simplify the marketing process. Give us a call at 952-697-5269 or request a free consultation. We’d love the opportunity to discuss the type of campaign that would be ideal for your product.

Written by Heather Aarre

Post-it notes should have been part of Heather’s stock portfolio. “I should have invested in them when they were first invented,” she confirms. “I would have a nice little nest egg set aside with the amount I use daily.” Heather is an achiever and arranger who loves to make lists and check tasks off when complete. “I think that’s what makes an account service professional effective.” Heather knows that details and being proactive are key to a successful campaign. “You can’t be afraid to take initiative and you must pay attention to details; catch the little things that are mentioned in meetings that tell you how you need to move forward. That is how I contribute to our overall client satisfaction.” Heather also enjoys keeping on top of the technology that supports our clients’ needs. For example, she says, “YouTube is continually changing its platform, so staying knowledgeable about what they offer, and how to actually upload a video with the latest available for the client now has become a checklist item, too.” She confirms, “Organizing multiple layers of details is my favorite part of my job.”

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