Reader’s Digest feature article tells 3 million people about our client

Before the pandemic, there were large crowds of people at airports. Before a virus was our primary safety concern, we were more mindful of such things as TSA safety checkpoints. This feature article, which we arranged to run in the February 2020 issue of Reader’s Digest, informed more than three million readers about revolutionary airport safety technology developed by our client, Plymouth Rock Technologies.

While many new technologies take months or even years to go mainstream, Plymouth Rock’s advancements in airport security technology had worldwide significance from the time they were launched. Part of our mission at Media Relations Agency was to educate the public about why these changes could be happening at their local airports, and to explain how these measures would improve both their safety and their travel experience. 

We brainstormed about which national media to pitch, and Reader’s Digest was clearly at the top of our list for print articles. Once our publicists explained the significance of the information to the editors, Reader’s Digest assigned a writer to this story. We coordinated this in-depth feature article which included an extensive interview with our client, who was very happy with the finished piece.

the best media to pitch with their stories. We consider reach, frequency and longevity as well as target markets, audience size and other demographics. While a national placement such as this Reader’s Digest article is a crown jewel, the best approach overall is nearly always to build a comprehensive library of coverage that includes local, regional and national media of varying types.  

Some PR agencies apply a cookie-cutter approach to their efforts. Media Relations Agency invests the time to really understand our clients’ needs, and how best to use our marketing expertise to help them reach their goals. Let’s talk about how we might customize a campaign for your business. Call 952-697-5260 or drop us a note to set up a conversation.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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