Here’s how we’re helping a client reach new market segments

Educator Michael Linsin already had a well-established social media presence and best-selling books when he approached Media Relations Agency about getting more publicity. The classroom management expert’s ideas were gaining traction among teachers. Now it was time to educate another part of the classroom equation: parents and other family members. For that, he sought our publicity expertise. 

Michael’s solutions are helping to repair many of the problems that keep kids from enjoying their school experience. In 2009, he wrote the first of five books and started a blog called Smart Classroom Management. The blog now has more than 125,000 subscribers. Some of his blog articles have gotten more than 100,000 social shares. “I get thousands of emails, many heartbreaking, from teachers who were struggling then found success using my methods and strategies,” he confirms.  

He sees his desire to reach more parents as the next logical step.  “As teachers implement Smart Classroom Management, parents need to be on the same page by recognizing and supporting what teachers are doing at school and understanding how to spot red flags from their child’s classroom. To know what’s okay and not okay is very empowering.”

Media Relations Agency knows that some of the best media types to reach and teach busy parents about Smart Classroom Management are print articles that can be shared with the rest of the family, and radio interviews that parents can listen to in the privacy of their cars without interruptions. So, our publicists reached out to their print and radio contacts to tell them about Michael’s story. 

Since many journalists are also parents, Michael’s goals for a better classroom experience really resonated with them. These reporters and producers also love that we’re connecting them with an expert whose story will have strong appeal to their audiences.   

One example of our results is Pittsburgh Family Magazine, whose editors asked us if Michael would consider writing an exclusive article for their readers. He happily obliged. Now another 36,000 parents and family members have been exposed to one of his best Smart Classroom Management techniques, and they have a link to his blog so they can continue to learn from him.

We often feel like matchmakers. The media trust us to bring them stories that are relevant to their audiences’ lives. And we work closely with our clients to ensure they deliver their key message points to our media contacts. It’s a win/win/win for everyone involved. The media get well-crafted stories, our clients get more exposure for their businesses, and audiences get information relevant to improving their lives. 

If you’re ready to expand into a new or related market as Michael is doing, call us at 952-697-5269 or click here to request your free consultation and publicity estimate.

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