Do you still think you only need publicity in your industry trades?

B2B companies often believe they only need publicity in their industry trades. While taking such a highly targeted approach to your media outreach makes sense, remember that top decision makers rarely limit their media consumption to the trades. Many also are avid consumers of business media because they want to become familiar with other top influencers and learn from their successes.

Sharing your story in local business media is a smart way to broaden your reach and possibly uncover even more interest in your product. Media stories build your credibility. Other movers and shakers learn to trust you and to see you as a business leader in the community. 

This Finance & Commerce podcast gave Hilmerson Safety President and CEO Deb Hilmerson more than 20 minutes to share her story with 10,000-plus listeners. She described her interesting career path and what motivates her to design products that solve some of the construction industry’s most serious safety concerns. 

Listeners could relate to Hilmerson as a local university basketball player who started her career working on some of the area’s most iconic construction projects, and more recently as an innovator who is making dramatic and essential improvements to the nation’s construction industry. 

The more people who know and trust you and your product, the better. Whether your primary market is business or consumer, we can use our proven marketing strategies to help you expand your visibility. 

Call us at 952-697-5269 or complete this form. Let’s talk soon about how we can help you reach your product’s current market and potential new markets with interesting, compelling stories that elevate your credibility and move you higher on the ladder of fame..


Written by Media Relations Agency

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