An insider’s look at the SAM 6 marketing process

Reporters and producers aren’t sitting around with nothing to print or air, hoping Media Relations Agency will contact them and save the day. It’s the opposite of that. Most of the media are deluged with press releases and story ideas. To find our way to a spot in front of their audiences we need to be prepared, quick and clever. The solution is Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6®), described in The CEO’s Guide to Marketing

Having a well-defined process makes my life easier. Following SAM 6 seamlessly integrates every role in our agency. Our work is streamlined. We’re all communicating clearly and working from the same script. 

What I personally like about SAM 6 is that it provides a common language and reminds us of the fundamentals that should be in place before all the creative activity happens. Ultimately, that gives much more power to the marketing programs we implement for our clients.

No doubt, the code sheet is the workhorse of the SAM 6 process. The account executives coordinate closely with clients to create the code sheet (Step 2). Throughout the campaign, everyone from our writers and graphic artists to our publicists routinely refer to the code sheet to assure that they are working in alignment. We maintain our code sheets on Google Docs to give our entire team easy, 24/7 access to them. 

Our marketing strategists, publicists and digital marketing team spend a lot of time working within Steps 3 and 4, the channels and calendar. Because these are evolving documents that are updated frequently, they are also maintained on Google Docs. That way, I know everyone is using the most recent versions. 

The control templates are mostly the domain of our writers and graphic artists. When they share their first drafts with other team members, the control templates give the rest of us the same master checklist on which to base our feedback. 

Having a well-defined process means it’s easier for me to bring team members onto my new projects. They know exactly where to find the various elements and strategies that make up a client’s campaign. They can get up to speed quickly. Someone will be on vacation? No problem! Another team member can jump in to help without missing a beat. 

With the right team using the right processes supporting you, you can often pull off something spectacular. I’ve seen it happen. Whether it’s arranging for the CBS Morning Show to feature our mobile grooming client to do shelter dog makeovers in time for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month or organizing multiple media interviews along the east coast for a client’s last-minute National Tea Day events, our publicists know how to work their connections. I’ve also seen our writers and graphic artists do quick-turns on such things as print ads and brochures.

For me and my team, the SAM 6 process has reduced stress, saved time and increased productivity. I believe it will do that for you and your team too. If you’d like to discuss how SAM 6 might benefit your company’s marketing outcomes, complete this form or call us at 952-697-5269.  

Written by Media Relations

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