Business travelers: What’s in your carry-on bag?

Between the time your flight takes off and the time you return your seat to its upright position for landing, you could become a better marketer. “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing; the book every marketer should read before their boss does,” is now available at airport bookstores and nationwide. This 236-page, fully illustrated book is your step-by-step guide to higher sales and a stronger brand. And most people can read the entire book during one flight. 

As the book’s author Lonny Kocina wrote in articles for The Milwaukee Courier and Madison Times, this award-winning bestselling book gives business leaders a simple six-step marketing process called SAM 6® to keep campaigns on track. 

“Marketing is about the shortest, fastest, least expensive and most direct route to a lead, a sale and a brand. But marketing has always been about being persuasive. You’ve got to tell people what they need, and cause them to desire it more than their money. If you lose sight of that, you won’t see more leads and higher sales. What makes me feel good about the SAM 6 process is that it’s a good fit for everyone in business,” says Kocina. 

Since the pandemic started, it seems businesses are either growing or going under. Marketing is a necessity to remind customers why they should be doing business with you, but spending money without a systematic approach is scary. Kocina is fond of saying that SAM 6 will help you become the smartest marketer in the room. 

Buy the book. Read it during your next flight. If you’re not yet traveling for business, carve out an hour to read it this week from your home or office. “I’ve been practicing this six-step program in my own company and we have seen a significant increase in sales,” confirms Kocina. A free SAM 6 implementation guide and tools are available on our website.

Written by Media Relations Agency

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