Are you taking advantage of your customers’ second screen?

Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop while watching TV is now commonplace. People use social media and online forums to “discuss” the show, search the Internet to learn more about what they’re watching and visit e-commerce sites to shop for what their favorite characters may be wearing or using. This second screen is changing marketing strategy, too.

This shift is evidenced by Nielsen, which recently announced it will expand its Twitter TV Rating to include Facebook posts. Its new Social Content Ratings will measure broad-based, program-related conversations. This signifies the growing importance of monitoring and analyzing social media activity. If you’re not listening to your customers’ online conversations, you need to start.

The Internet’s anonymity lets people express their honest opinions. They may show delight in a new product, complain vehemently or simply ask questions. Monitoring these candid posts provides deep insights into a product’s target audience. We use listening to look for emerging trends and to track recurring topics. Social media listening helps us deliver in-demand and information-packed media-grade content. Social media listening also ensures our clients don’t miss out on storytelling opportunities.

With this knowledge, our marketing agency is better equipped to create sought-after content. And then we share it across earned, shared, owned and paid promotional channels. We tailor story angles for your target market, and produce press releases, blogs, social media content and digital advertising that get results. We make sure consumers are able to learn about our clients’ products wherever their second screen takes them. This integrated marketing approach is invaluable to our clients.

Every day around our office, I work with creative experts with different specialties: graphic designers, publicists, digital marketers, writers and web developers. As unique as we are, we have one thing in common: We understand how listening to those second screens can help us better tell our clients’ stories. Connect with us to learn more about how this process can help your business

Written by Kris Best

Kris Best is not your typical writer. She’s a strategic thinker with significant experience with health, technology and non-profit organizations. “I give a lot of thought to how the content I create is going to be used, as well as reused.” She’s also enamored with the power of social media, and is always looking for ways our clients can capitalize on this important promotional channel.

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