Is your marketing keeping pace with today’s consumer buying habits?

Online reviews are now an essential part of the buying process. Many of us wouldn’t consider buying a TV, staying at a hotel or picking up a new book without first reading others’ opinions. This has changed how marketers look at one of the most fundamental marketing concepts: the consumer buying process. It’s also explains why Media Relations’ publicity approach is so effective at fueling interest.

You may have been taught that the consumer buying process is linear, but at Media Relations Agency, we consider it a cyclical. Let’s review the steps.

  1. Needs recognition. You realize you want something, perhaps a new tool or younger looking skin.
  2. Information search. You look for ways to meet your need. You may talk with a friend or colleague, visit a store, or more likely, punch your query into Google.
  3. Evaluation of alternatives.This is where you narrow your options by evaluating the pros and cons. As part of this process, you’ll probably read online reviews.
  4. Purchase decision. You make your choice and open your wallet.
  5. Post-purchase behavior. If you regret the purchase, you may return it (if possible) or leave a bad review. If you’re satisfied, you’ll likely just move on with your day. If you’re highly pleased, you’ll leave a positive review. 

These positive reviews feed step #3 and can boost interest, leading to more sales. Our team works hard to earn product-boosting recommendations by trusted third-parties for our clients. We’ll strive to embed your product’s messaging into traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, and TV and radio shows, as well as into new media such as blogs and social media streams. The result is a plethora of searchable reviews that tell your story. 

For an example, let’s look at Media Relations Agency CEO Lonny Kocina’s latest book, “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing.” You’ll see how helpful it is to have media stories about your product found on the web. 

Our publicist team set the stage by earning publicity for the book both before it hit the market and during the critical first months, earning positive reviews from respected publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. When the book hit Amazon, positive reviews from verified Amazon purchases started appearing. 

Then came the awards, such as the Axiom Business Books Awards silver medal in the Advertising/Marketing /PR /Event Planning category. Our publicists leveraged these positive reviews to earn additional interest in the book. They secured even more coverage, such as this Critical Mention interview. Simply put, the more good things being said about Kocina and his book, the more in-demand he has become. His book has remained on the Amazon best-seller list, in three categories, for almost a year.

If you like this approach, let the Media Relations team help you earn some reputation-boosting positive reviews. It’s simple to get started. Call 952-697-5269 or click here to request your free consultation and publicity estimate.


Written by Heather Champine

Heather is a multi-faceted leader. She’s part marketing strategist, part consumer psychologist and part motivational cheerleader. “I love understanding what drives people to take action, especially when it involves getting the media to run stories about our clients,” she says. With more than 20 years of experience, she has the keen understanding and insight to know how to run an integrated campaign and what it takes for our clients’ stories to become the news. She enjoys leading campaigns for complex industries such as medical devices and technologies, as well as fun industries such as hair salons. She thrives on pursuing creative ways to educate consumers about clients’ products, and ultimately inspiring them to buy. “I appreciate becoming a part of each client’s marketing team. I cherish the long-lasting relationships, and successful marketing programs we have created together.” Heather also finds joy in her daily collaborations as part of our creative team. “I am grateful to work with publicists, writers, designers and other marketing experts, all enjoying what they do because they are using their God-given strengths. Our publicists have great instincts because they all have media backgrounds. When things get hectic, it’s often Heather who cracks the first joke. “We encourage people to be a little goofy and unique. Some of the best ideas and solutions emerge because we know how to have fun,” she grins. “I may say something like, “Remember this is PR not the ER. Now, lighten up and go book a great story idea with the media!”

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