Five ways social media marketing contributes to your bottom line

Social media marketing contributes to your bottom line in part by increasing brand awareness, improving SEO and building customer relationships. We offer social media services that support your website and provide a steady content stream. Social media supports sales in five significant ways.

  1. Branding. Your brand is the definition consumers hold in their mind of your company and its products. Social media helps you shape that definition. Tweets, posts, conversations, shares, photos and videos can all contribute to a carefully crafted concept of your business and its products. Our marketing focus helps us create brand awareness for our clients.

Ask around. You will find that when people look up a business or product, they check out social media after perusing the website. Social media is where you can build your company’s “voice”:  an expression of your company’s personality and point of view. While this can be incorporated into your website, social media helps to instill the message even deeper. People have a high level of trust in social media content because of its conversational nature.

  1. Relationship building. Ongoing, two-sided social media interactions put customers at ease. Whether it’s a direct interaction with a customer, client or another business, these communications hold lasting value. Other customers who visit your social media site will see this and recognize that you are attentive, involved and supportive of people interested in your products. When a customer tweets about your business and you reply, it shows that your business cares about customer relationships. Thoughtful social media marketing helps customers see a business in a more personal light.
  1. Increased website traffic. Social media posts are a great way to funnel traffic to your website. When customers visit your website because their interest has been piqued on social media, they are more likely to have higher engagement on your website, stay longer, visit more pages and watch videos. Be sure your posts link back to your site content. This creates what is called “link juice”. Link juice refers to the power passed to a site via internal or external links. An increase in traffic, engagement and link juice all contribute to how highly search engines rank your site.
  1. Target your audience where and when you choose. There is a growing amount of advertising opportunities available within social media. On LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, you can choose who to target and where they are located. Whether your goal is to increase reach and engagement, gain leads or increase online sales, social media advertising can get you there.

To take it a step further, you have the option of remarketing, which enables you to follow site visitors with ads even after they leave your site. Savvy marketers will tell you that this is the way to go: Carefully select your audience, deliver the message that they want to hear and you’ll see results. Our marketing and technical experts can help you use these new tools to your advantage.

  1. Integrated marketing. Social media integrates well with your other marketing efforts. Social media supports publicity, e-commerce, advertising, promotions, market research and customer service. When you integrate your promotional channels and have them all working together, the synergy is powerful. Integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing to deliver your message to more prospects.

Social media marketing shows your audience that you have helpful information and solutions. Even if your posts don’t result in immediate sales, your content will educate readers about the value you offer and build awareness. When the urge to purchase strikes them, they’ll know how to find you.

Most professionals are busy and don’t have time to produce a steady stream of quality content. We will connect you with writers to do that for you. We use tools to enable your posting process to be more efficient and easily repurposed across multiple channels. We’ll integrate your social media posts to ensure a consistent message is delivered to your audience.

To learn more about using social media to connect with your audience, call us at 952-697-5269 or complete our contact form. Project Manager Alison Cromie will give you a broad overview of our social media services. She may bring me on the call to provide further information. We’ll ask you about your needs and arrange a time to meet by phone or in person. Based on your objectives, our team will explain how we can assist you with content marketing, digital advertising, web property management, listening and engaging, graphic design or technical support.

Written by Heather Kroupa

Heather Kroupa knows sometimes you have to be unconventional to get results. Driven by natural curiosity plus years of digital marketing experience, Heather expertly develops clever, attention-getting campaigns. “Digital marketing is not a precise science,” she says. Heather takes the time to analyze and evaluate the best ways to tell our clients’ stories.

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