Media Hypnosis

The most overlooked mass selling secret of the century and how you can unleash its potential to help create your own personal business empire.

It’s the Elephant in Your Corner that You Can’t See

I’m Lonny Kocina, President and founder of Media Relations Agency. My public relations firm makes more than 10,000 calls each month to business leaders throughout the United States, trying to increase their profits through publicity. But something strange is going on. We keep running into an invisible wall of resistance to our service. It seems these businesses just don’t want publicity.

Think about that. A business that doesn’t want publicity. Sound strange? We thought so too. I even came up with a term for the affliction. I call it Media Hypnosis, and I think you have it, too. And it’s keeping your company from maximizing profits.

But don’t worry. I can wake you up. Read on.

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