How to avoid social media posts that cause brand damage

by | May 23, 2011 | White Papers

The other day I was talking with some of our younger staffers about what the marketing business was like before cell phones, email, Facebook, blogs and YouTube. Of course we didn’t know it at the time, but marketing was far less complicated back then.

Lately, it seems like the rules are changing weekly. We’re using communications tools that weren’t even invented a year ago. One thing remains constant: we’re still focused on keeping our clients’ products in the conversations. As former New York Congressman Bruce Barton once said, “Talkers have always ruled. They will continue to rule. The smart thing is to join them.”

What we don’t recommend is diving into social media marketing without a well-devised plan.

You need people who understand how social media works, and who can ensure that your online conversations are relevant. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. Or worse: you could say things that damage your brand.

Mike Danielson, director of our Health & Medical Division, has written an insightful white paper on this subject called, How to avoid social media posts that cause brand damage. Take a look at it, then call us to talk about how we can start some social media buzz about your products.

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Written by Lonny Kocina

Written by Lonny Kocina

Lonny Kocina is the CEO and Founder of Media Relations Agency which has been in business for nearly 35 years. During that time, Kocina also founded and sold two other businesses: Mid America Events and Expos, and Checkerboard Internet Services. Prior to that, Lonny worked as a marketing director for Investment Rarities Inc., a company with sales over 4 billion dollars. Kocina has also been a long time member of Vistage International which is a CEO peer mentoring organization. He was also a volunteer marketing mentor for Junior Achievement and the Carlson School of Business. For fun he has taught Principles of Marketing at the college level, and his recent book, the “CEO’s Guide to Marketing” is an Axiom Business Book silver medal winner as well as an Amazon bestseller. Lonny likes to kid that his third grade teacher may have summed him up best with a note sent home on his report card. “Lonny is a daydreamer and he’s getting worse each day. He complains of a stomach ache a lot and I don’t think he likes school much either.”


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