Your company could be featured in successful business stories like this

Audiences enjoy successful business stories. They like learning about individuals who grab hold of opportunities and pursue meaningful endeavors. This Star Tribune Movers & Shakers article I arranged is one such story. It shows how our client, YESS! Your Extraordinary Success Strategies, helps others unlock their potential. The article made 300,995 impressions. We love arranging business stories that show a large audience the value a company provides.

Through a personal story, this article explains how two women business leaders chose to launch an entrepreneurship workshop for young women. The Star Tribune is a prestigious place for our client to deliver this message. It’s an award-winning publication and one of the market’s leading newspapers.

Media coverage can both personalize and publicize your story. It helps audiences learn about the attributes and goals of your company’s leaders. And it can reach huge audiences.

We can help you share your business story through media coverage. We work with journalists and producers to craft story angles that appeal to our clients, the media and their audiences.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about my job is building positive relationships with media contacts, and understanding what they find most intriguing in a client’s story. It’s rewarding to work with editors, producers and our clients to develop a story that’s a win for everyone.

I really enjoy connecting with people and find many subjects interesting. Whether I’m studying healthful ingredients, new technology or what makes a business’s background special, my curiosity drives me to learn more. This comes in very handy as a publicist. I love to share helpful information that positively impacts other people’s lives.

Your company could be one of the successful business stories we all enjoy while catching up on the day’s news. Call me at 952-697-5269 and let’s talk about it. I’d love to learn about you!

Written by Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay is an experienced publicist, and is fabulous about ensuring that no detail is missed. Her background in TV production gives her a unique perspective: she used to be the one looking for new and interesting stories. Now she’s on the other side, pitching story ideas on behalf of our clients. She has booked clients in an impressive list of publications including Upscale Magazine, Southern Living, Fitness RX for Women and the Los Angeles Times.

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