Why you should promote your product with media coverage

To encourage your audience to notice your message, deliver it in content that appeals to them. This guest blog I arranged in Natural Products Insider provides tips to help grocery manufacturers show their products are environmentally friendly. The article uses information about Malaysian sustainable palm oil to illustrate its suggestions. Media coverage is meaningful content that incents audiences to pay attention. Our PR agency can help you promote your product with media coverage on a wide variety of platforms.

Media coverage may contain useful tips, breaking news or local announcements. Whatever their topics, media stories have compelling angles and useful information. They give audiences a reason to tune in and focus on your message. Journalists and producers compete for readers and viewers, so they need to run engaging stories.

That’s one of the reasons media coverage is so different from advertising. Media coverage ‒ whether it’s in articles, television programs or radio shows ‒ is content people want to see or hear. It’s interesting and informative. Advertising, on the other hand, is easy to block or ignore.

We can arrange media coverage that reaches very specific or very broad audiences. This Natural Products Insider article made 29,000 impressions. It reached professionals in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. We can arrange coverage in trade and other publications, as well as on television news segments, online networks and radio shows. We work with journalists and producers to craft story angles that fit the needs of our clients and the media.

More companies should use media coverage because it is an eye-catching form of content marketing. Contact me to find out which media outlets I think would be interested in running stories about your product. Call me at 952-697-5240 or complete our form below.

I love to watch the news and read online articles to discover trending topics. Then I use creativity to connect clients’ products with these popular story angles. Find out what story ideas I envision for your product. I’ll help you promote your product with media coverage.

Written by Sallie Crowl

Sallie is thorough and tenacious, precisely the type of person you want talking with the media about your products. A clear thinker, she uses her sales background to help reporters see all angles to a story. A veteran of the publishing and printing industry, she’s been making good things happen for our clients for five years. Sallie has achieved client placements on CNN, WGN-TV, and Better TV, and in an impressive list of print media including First for Women, Woman’s World, Energy Times, Amazing Wellness, Better Nutrition and Health Magazine.

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