Why media coverage is smart, creative marketing

This NBC-affiliate television news segment I arranged for Great Clips demonstrates why media coverage is a smart way to promote your business. Media coverage delivers your message in a colorful story and can reach huge audiences. It’s creative marketing that helps consumers enjoy learning what you offer.

When the media features your company or product, you know the story will be engaging. Media outlets compete for audience attention. They take care to make their stories interesting. This Great Clips television segment was timely and fun. It addressed a common question: How to look appropriate when going directly to an after-work holiday event. A guest stylist demonstrated her suggestions on a live model. I’m sure many viewers enjoyed her advice and remembered it later. The story showed how Great Clips’ experts can help viewers look their best.

Media stories reach wide audiences. This Great Clips story made 65,000 impressions. We can arrange stories in general news sources such as this midday news program, or on highly targeted platforms such as trade journals and specialty radio shows. We’ll carefully choose media outlets that help you reach your target audience.

With so many consumers avoiding or blocking traditional ads, marketers need creative ways to deliver their messages. Publicity is a smart solution. Media coverage is content your audience wants to see or hear.

Give me a call and find out what kinds of media coverage I can arrange for you. Call me at 507-382-1296 or complete our form below. I’ll draw on my 15 years of publicist experience to tell you what publicity I envision arranging for your company. It’s rewarding to help our clients. I enjoy helping companies tell their stories with media coverage.

Written by Gail Brandt

Senior Publicist Gail Brandt sinks her teeth into a project and makes things happen. She impresses everyone with her out-of-the-box thinking and her ability to devise new ways to excite the media about a story.  She has repeatedly earned company honors for the quantity and caliber of her media placements, and has booked clients in such prestigious media outlets as Woman’s World, Shape, Good Morning America and on TV stations across America.

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