Well-timed publicity leads people to fall in love with this product

With sales of cordials and liquors trending upward, it can be challenging to stand out, especially in the popular cream liquor category. Niche Imports knows the power of publicity, and asked us to earn media coverage for their Mozart Chocolate Creams and Liqueurs. We used an unexpected twist to create desire among couples for this line of smooth, indulgent adult beverages on the most romantic day of the year.

Niche Imports booked a Newsie with us. With each Newsie, we arrange a single news story about the client’s product. After the story runs, we can also help clients extend the third-party “endorsement” value of this lead-generating content by writing blog and social media content about it. 

Media Relations makes the editors’ jobs easier by producing content that their audiences want to read. We knew our media contacts would be craving new ways to write about chocolate and romance during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. So, we gave chocolate a decidedly adult twist by providing simple cocktail recipes made with Mozart Chocolate Creams and Liqueurs. We also included enticing, high-quality photos. For couples celebrating love, a bottle of Mozart could be a unique and exciting start to a romantic evening. The Houston Style editors were quick to embrace our fresh approach!

The resulting article about Mozart described its seductive flavors and made extra points with readers by revealing that Mozart cream liqueurs are all-natural and lower in fat than most other cream liqueurs. A link to the retail store locator at the end of the article was a big bonus for Niche Imports because it made buying the product even easier.

There’s nothing more persuasive to a prospective customer than when someone says something nice about your product, especially when that someone is the media. Bonus: Much like Mozart Liqueurs, these endorsements have a long shelf life. You can cross-channel promote the heck out of your good news. 

Newsies lower the cost of media coverage for clients who have wide-open parameters, and they make our service available to clients with smaller budgets. Check out our Newsies website. It is easy to get started.  

Written by Media Relations Agency

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