We arranged media coverage about a trend, before it’s a trend

Is it possible to create consumer media interest in a product before it’s even released? You betcha! It’s not easy getting reporters to write about something that isn’t on the market yet. But when neurologist and sleep diagnostic equipment pioneer Dan Cohen, MD approached us with this scenario, we were up for the task. We reached 3.5 million people with our first media placement. 

Cohen worked with us in the early 90’s. Back then, he wanted our help promoting a little “nose bandage” that helped people breathe. With our help, demand for his Breathe Right Nasal Strips went through the roof. Now, we are helping him create a sensation with his team’s newest development, the SOLTEC-Sleep Management System (SOLTEC-SMS). 

Since this is exciting industry-defining technology, we approached Trend Hunter which specializes in reaching early adopters. The resulting story, which ran in March 2021, told 3.5 million people about the system and used a video to demonstrate how it works. 

The article directed readers to the company’s website where they could sign up to be notified when the SOLTEC-SMS Kickstarter campaign started. We were overjoyed a few weeks later when the Kickstarter campaign reached its fundraising goal within an incredibly short eight minutes. 

With our Pay Per Placement® model, Media Relations Agency’s clients pay us only for results. Because we are performance-based and have some skin in the game, you can be sure that if there are reporters and producers out there who are interested in a client’s story, we will find them. 

If your product has tremendous potential, and you’d love to share your story with large audiences, publicity is the most efficient marketing channel. Let’s discuss arranging media coverage for your business. Contact us online or call 952-697-5269. 


Written by Media Relations Agency

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