Trade coverage helps ignite interest in innovative gummy alternative

As product promotion experts, nothing excites us more than being involved at the introductory stage of a product that could shake up an entire industry. So when the folks at Norway’s Vitux AS wanted to collaborate with us on the U.S. launch of their sugar-free gummy alternative, we were all in. 

Reach. Frequency. Repetition. These are all necessary for target audiences to remember and understand a product’s primary value points. Our job is to teach people why they want our clients’ products more than the competition’s. 

Vitux AS was already earning the attention of global corporations for its natural ConCordix technology, a flavorful chewable nutrient delivery system that doesn’t stick to teeth like gummies, and can deliver larger doses of omega-3s than other delivery forms. The Healthy Chooser® consumer market loves this! 

We coordinated this interview to draw further attention to these game-changing advancements, and reinforce ConCordix’s value points among those who have already heard something about it. We even arranged for Vitux AS customer Amway to be quoted in this article, further supporting ConCordix’s new contributions to the dietary supplement category. 

Your story deserves to be told. Industry-specific articles such as this can help establish respect for your product and company. When your target customers continue to see your name in these publications, it tells them that you have what it takes to earn the attention of seasoned industry journalists. 

If you’d like to tap into our significant trade industry product promotion expertise, call us at 952-697-5269 or use this form to arrange to speak with one of our marketing strategists.  

Written by Media Relations Agency

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