This Facebook video led to an overall reach in the tens of millions

Here is an example of a Media Relations Agency influencer marketing campaign that is really taking off. Our unique approach to this popular marketing tactic is earning astounding reach and frequency for our client’s messaging.

Facebook Live Influencer marketing campaignMedia Relations pitched and coordinated this Facebook Live video for one of our clients. It earned more than 5,400 views and more than 1,200 shares, comments and reactions. The total reach was more than 12,000. It led to hundreds of blogs, tweets and posts on social media with an overall reach into the tens of millions.

This 26-minute long video, featuring Chef Gerard Viverito explaining the wholesomeness and sustainability of Malaysian palm oil, is part of an impactful influencer marketing campaign we’re managing.

The best way to use influencer marketing
Some agencies pay a high-value or high-reach celebrity or blogger for a Facebook post or Tweet and call that influencer marketing. While that may get a lot of eyes on your product, it may not lead to a bump in sales because these posts are often dismissed as ads. Media Relations takes a more personal approach.

We thoughtfully build influencer teams using state-of-the-art listening tools to find the most persuasive individuals for each brand. We consider reach, but also an influencer’s credibility, audience, impact and goals. Sometimes micro-influencers (those with small reach but high influence) are a brand’s best investment.

We then invest in training these influencers. This is a critical step missed by many. We give influencers the product insight they need to craft authentic content. And it’s this real, human-created content that earns genuine product interest. This type of content has a much better chance of driving sales than an ad in disguise.

As amazing as this Facebook Live event was, it’s really just one example of what Media Relations Agency is doing in the influencer marketing realm. While most agencies are doing one-and-done promotions, we know the real power is in the numbers. We’re most interested in how we can orchestrate multi-faceted digital campaigns that build on each other. Get in touch with us to learn what else we’re doing and why we think this may be the right tactic for your brand. Call us at 952-697-5269 or complete this form for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Written by Kris Best

Kris Best is not your typical writer. She’s a strategic thinker with significant experience with health, technology and non-profit organizations. “I give a lot of thought to how the content I create is going to be used, as well as reused.” She’s also enamored with the power of social media, and is always looking for ways our clients can capitalize on this important promotional channel.

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