Spring cleaning your marketing budget

This time of year I clean out the closets, tossing outdated clothes, broken toys and sometimes even projects that I started but never finished (sorry macramé plant holder), so I can have room for what’s currently important to my family. This same mentality should apply to your marketing budget. It’s time to stop spending resources on outdated marketing tools and promotions that aren’t getting results. Instead, invest in a proven marketing tactic that puts your product in front of people who are ready to buy, Pay Per Interview Publicity.

I’m proud of this publicity I arranged for Rhinomed. The company’s snore-limiting device, Mute, was expertly woven into this Fox morning show segment about spring cleaning your medicine cabinet. “What should stay and what should go,” the host explained. Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos told viewers why they should clean out this household black hole and then, why Mute deserves a place inside.

Torkos shared why snoring happens and how this latest-and-greatest product makes breathing easier. She slid in an attention-getting note about how Mute was developed. (Wow, it’s for athletes? It must be good, the viewers think.) Then, my favorite part: The host asks a question which allows Torkos to deliver another important key message. (It’s reusable? Awesome.) This helps tip the viewers’ mindset from “Oh, interesting” to “I want this product.”

Our clients love this type of publicity. Who can blame them? One of the reasons it works so well is because it’s not as blatant as advertising which so many of us tune out. It’s closer to a personal recommendation which greatly influences buyer behavior today. More than 70 percent of us now seek online reviews before buying products.

Publicity is an incredibly effective way to tell your product’s story. That’s why so many of our clients continue to invest in this promotional tool. Publicity sells, or these clients would toss Media Relations Agency aside like a broken action figure. And we’re experts at earning publicity which is why we continue to add new clients month after month.  

See what we can do for you. Watch this short video on our nationally trademarked Pay Per Interview pricing model. Then request your free consultation and publicity estimate.

Written by Jennifer Hanson

Senior Publicist Jennifer Hanson has been with Media Relations Agency since 1997. She plays an integral role in strategic media planning and clients’ campaigns. Jennifer has secured thousands of interviews and placements in radio, television and print. Her creative approach has earned her numerous company awards for excellence, and placements with top media outlets across the country. Jennifer has expertise in working with national broadcast outlets, and has placed her clients in such shows as Oprah, The Today Show, Weekend Today, Fox and Friends and others.

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