Smart public relations comes wrapped in a Minnesota advice article

Readers are hungry for tips that address the issues they face. This Minnesota Good Age magazine article that I arranged for our client, Baywood Home Care, gives much-needed advice that readers will examine carefully. The article, authored by Baywood Home Care’s owner, shares knowledgeable insights about how to make homes safer for people who are aging or recovering from surgery. Our client wants to help people continue to live in their homes by creating a more secure environment and providing care when needed. This public relations accomplishment showcases our client’s expertise. And the publicity reached a perfectly tailored audience: The magazine’s 69,000 readers are likely to be at a mature age and located in Minnesota, the state that Baywood Home Care serves.

What makes this article exceptional public relations is that our client used this opportunity to provide valuable answers to common concerns. Two Baywood Home Care employees give detailed tips to help readers avoid accidents and feel safer.

Media stories such as this article provide effective mass marketing because they have time and space to illustrate what our clients have to offer. This article highlights the experience and qualifications of two of our clients’ employees. Our client’s knowledge and caring are clear. If readers haven’t heard of our client before, they receive a very positive introduction. If readers are already familiar with Baywood Home Care, they learn more about its value.

We arrange media stories that display our clients’ expertise to their target markets. We’ve arranged tens of thousands of stories, and we know how to put a company’s messaging on display. These media-grade articles or on-air appearances help the audience see a company as a resource that can help them.

Want to reach enormous blocks of people and teach them about the solutions your products provide? Get in touch with us. Our hybrid agency is your gateway to successful mass marketing.


Written by Lindsay Helgeson

Lindsay is an experienced publicist, and is fabulous about ensuring that no detail is missed. Her background in TV production gives her a unique perspective: she used to be the one looking for new and interesting stories. Now she’s on the other side, pitching story ideas on behalf of our clients. She has booked clients in an impressive list of publications including Upscale Magazine, Southern Living, Fitness RX for Women and the Los Angeles Times.

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