Publicity for health and nutrition products is my specialty

If you have a new health and nutrition product, you’re probably eager to tell your story. But this market is so crowded that it can often be difficult to get noticed. Partnering with an experienced team can help get you the attention you crave. Our marketing agency specializes in arranging publicity for health and natural products. We know the best ways to get your story in front of millions of interested consumers.

Recently, I helped arrange an article for one of our clients in Better Nutrition. This is a leading magazine for health conscious consumers. Dr. Jason Theodosakis had a story worth sharing. He knew that 500 mg of eggshell membrane, something present in ESM’s NEM supplement, had the potential to quickly improve both joint comfort and flexibility.

I pitched a creative angle and earned this top-notch national placement. More than 350,000 consumers were introduced to this health and nutrition product while learning that eggshell membranes may have joint support benefits.

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s about innovative research, key information, or even a novel problem-solving product, there’s always news which can attract attention. Media coverage is a great way to share your story and build your marketing potential. Here’s why:

  1. Media coverage is your bridge to consumers. It’s a convenient and familiar format to share new information. Stories such as this one also help people find solutions to their problems. This is always in demand.
  2. Media coverage builds credibility. Consumers know that stories in the media have been vetted. Media outlets don’t publish every story they receive. Therefore, information published in respected magazines such as Better Nutrition must be worthy of their time.

The only thing standing between your product and great media coverage is an experienced team.  

That’s where Media Relations can help you. We’ll work with you to craft and place attention-getting stories. It’s simply the best way to maximize the pre-existing value of your product or service.

If you are looking for publicity for health and nutrition products, give us a try. Call 952-697-5269 or submit this form for a free publicity estimate. You have a story worth sharing. I look forward to telling it!

Written by Gail Brandt

Senior Publicist Gail Brandt sinks her teeth into a project and makes things happen. She impresses everyone with her out-of-the-box thinking and her ability to devise new ways to excite the media about a story.  She has repeatedly earned company honors for the quantity and caliber of her media placements, and has booked clients in such prestigious media outlets as Woman’s World, Shape, Good Morning America and on TV stations across America.

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