Product marketing that’s not afraid of a little science

Sometimes your marketing needs some science. This article I arranged for the Malaysian Palm Oil Council used biochemistry and nutritional information to explain why sustainable Malaysian palm oil is a healthy cooking oil. It made 3,600,000 impressions and reached a national audience. Our marketing agency has years of experience arranging science-related content. In both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, specialized information can be exactly what it takes to tell your story. Here are some thoughts on why ‒ and how ‒ we incorporate science in product marketing.

Reasons to include science in content
Here’s why facts and research are so useful:

  • Audiences are savvy. Scientific data makes your message credible.
  • It can establish you as an authority.
  • It can help show what makes your product unique.
  • Scientific data can provide value and help hold your audience’s interest.

Tips for using scientific information effectively
We adhere to sound marketing principles even when working with the most complex data. Here are some guidelines we follow:

  • We use intriguing story angles. Everyone from ingredient buyers to grocery shoppers needs a reason to focus on a story.
  • We keep language as jargon-free as possible. We want audiences of all backgrounds to be able to enjoy your content.

We don’t shy away from using scientific data to help you promote your product. In fact, we’re very accustomed to it. Our publicists call the media to co-produce science-related stories, and our writers distill detailed information into clear language. Our designers can create colorful graphics to explain complicated concepts. We can also connect you with personable, well-qualified guest experts ‒ key opinion leaders ‒ who can appear in media stories to explain your product.

Not every piece of content needs to be science-based. But when it’s time to delve into technical topics, we have the expertise and the connections to do so.

Written by Krista Wignall

Krista is a former TV news producer, so she’s a natural at working with the media. She’s also creative and persistent. When she’s got a good story that needs to be told, she won’t give up until she’s made it happen.

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