Our publicity work helped make a client’s event a huge success

One of our clients is having a huge success with one of its annual springtime events, and crediting the large crowds to the fantastic publicity Media Relations arranged on all four major local TV stations as well as in the top daily newspaper!

Pahl’s Market, a growing garden center and landscaping company in the Twin Cities, asked for our help to promote its annual Moss Basket Days. This is when plant lovers converge on the Market to get the pros’ help with jump starting their spring gardens. Pahl’s Market asked us to arrange for news coverage about the event, and oh boy did we deliver. Our publicists coordinated nine TV stories over the span of two weekends, as well as an article in the Star Tribune.

Pahl’s Market was thrilled with the results, and told us that because of our coverage there were many people at the event who had never even visited the business before. Talk about the power of publicity!

This is the kind of work that we do for our clients every day, and we love it. If you want to hear more about how we can help put your company or event in the news headlines, give us a call: 952-697-5269


Written by Krista Wignall

Krista is a former TV news producer, so she’s a natural at working with the media. She’s also creative and persistent. When she’s got a good story that needs to be told, she won’t give up until she’s made it happen.