Our deadline-driven PR makes a big impact for a good cause

Some people crumble under pressure, and others show their mighty force. The Media Relations team falls into the latter group. When Headwaters Relief Organization asked us for help publicizing its award-winning children’s book series under tight deadlines, we jumped at the chance. In addition to having limited prep time, co-author and Medical Director Roshan Khatri was only in the country for a short time and his availability was very limited. Thankfully, Media Relations doesn’t shy away from challenges. We meet them head on, just like Khatri.

We dominated the media by securing several newspaper articles and TV appearances for Khatri. He shared the impact their book series is having on the lives of children and communities, and asked for support for this award-winning organization. 


Nonprofit Headwaters Relief Organization is a volunteer collaborative that provides disaster relief throughout the United States and around the world, including the Philippines, Haiti, Greece and Liberia. Their goal is to restore hope and build resiliency in communities affected by disasters. Their series of children’s books helps kids manage the emotional stress of surviving a disaster, providing both psychological and psychosocial support long after the first responders have left their area. 

To gain exposure for this important work, our team quickly prepared attention-getting content that showed the impact the organization’s seven books are having. Our proven SAM 6® process enables us to do this efficiently. We explained how Headwater’s volunteers painstakingly prepare each edition and also train the caregivers who will be receiving them. We then used our proprietary database to personally connect with TV producers and reporters, convincing them that this story was a “must do” for their audience. And once the stories started coming together, we helped Khatri, a passionate volunteer and medical doctor not a professional spokesperson, prepare for his interviews so he could make the most of each media opportunity. 

This three-pronged approach is why our clients enjoy working with the Media Relations team. We do more than simply secure media coverage for you. We help you tell your story in the most engaging and effective ways. And while we prefer to have ample time and options to do our best work, we’re not afraid to tackle time-sensitive projects. Our 30-plus years of experience help immensely in these situations.  

The right media coverage can propel an organization forward, especially when it’s a personal narrative. If you have a story to tell, request a free publicity estimate from our team. 

Written by Media Relations Agency

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